PUBG Mobile: How many points to reach conqueror in Season 14

We've got some tips on how to reach Conqueror tier in PUBG Mobile right here though, so you can give it your best shot.

The current version of PUBG is built on Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4. (Image: Twitter)

The Conqueror tier is made up of the top 500 players from each server region and since PUBG Mobile is immensely popular around the world, it’s not an easy task. We’ve got some tips on how to reach Conqueror tier in PUBG Mobile right here though, so you can give it your best shot.


Bronze (V-I)

Silver (V-I)

Gold (V-I)

Platinum (V-I)

Diamond (V-I)

Crown (V-I)




To reach Conqueror, you need to be in the top 500 players in your region. To check your current rank; you can follow these steps:

Click on the current season icon on the bottom of the home screen

Then click on rank below your tier

You can see your current rank in your region there

The points required to reach Conqueror change as the season goes on, as it depends on the points of the other players. You need to first reach Ace tier, and then you need to try to get as many positive points as possible to reach Conqueror, and usually, an average of 4200 points are required, but as mentioned above, it might change depending on other players’ points.


The first and the most important part of pushing rank to Conqueror is to reach Ace rank first. Therefore, try to reach Ace first and then focus on Conqueror.

When you start pushing rank, and if you start from a lower-tier, for example, Silver or Gold, try to land at a hot drop so that you can get early kills by taking down the opponents.

As you start climbing at upper tiers, for example, Crown or above, try to avoid hot drops and start playing for survival because if you die early, you will be getting negative points that will slow down your rank push.

To survive till the last circle, try to drop in less populated areas and avoid early fights; however, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid fights throughout the game, since killing enemies helps secure more points.

When the circle is closing, and you are alone, try to stay outside the circle as much as possible and start a healing battle. Do keep in mind that if you stay out too long, you might die. Stock up your bag with first aid kits if you plan to go for a healing battle.

Either enter the circle before everyone else, or wait till the fights are over, and get inside the circle to get more survival points.

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