PUBG Mobile esports tournament: Global schedule revealed

Recently, PUBG Mobile announced the 2022 Esports roadmap for the game.

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Recently, PUBG Mobile announced the 2022 Esports roadmap for the game. James Yang, the director of Esports at Tencent unveiled the new roadmap, calling it the PUBG Mobile Esports 2.0, during the first day of the Global Championship (PMGC) 2021 Finals.

PUBG Mobile Esports 2022 roadmap

The new roadmap brings in several changes to the already existing system – focusing more on the grassroots level with national and regional championships. The Club Open, also known as, PMCO and other PUBG Mobile IPs, such as the PMCC (Campus Championships) and PMNC (Regional and National Championships), will work as the first step for the PMPL’s (Pro Leagues).

As a part of the changes, PMCO will not provide qualifications PMPL’s, rather teams going against each other in the PMCO’s will first have to go through the PMNC’s and other regional tournaments. The PMNC’s will double as a gateway for qualification to the 2023 PMPL’s.

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New PMCO has been brought in at a broader and more regional scale. In 2022, the set of PMCO’s will happen as follows:

  • PMCO: South America
  • PMCO: Europe
  • PMCO: Asia
  • PMCO: Middle East
  • PMCO: Africa

Starting in 2022, the company plans to bring the PMNC’s in 11 countries and regional cups in 8 regions, across the globe.

Pro Circuit changes

The PMPL is currently running under EMEA, MENA, and SA banners will now be classed as PMPL Europe, South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Most of the pro circuit will function as it is; however, Pro leagues (PMPL’s) have been introduced to the Africa and Pakistan regions.

Moreover, the months of January to June will feature the spring season, while the fall season will happen between July and November. The Mid Season Championship (MSC) and the PMGC 2022 will be played between that period, and at the end of the splits respectively.

PUBG Mobile is touted as a medal sport in this year’s SEA Games and the Asian Games that will take place in May and September. Players will get a chance to represent their countries at the highest stage possible.

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