PUBG Mobile CEO reveals the esports events roadmap for 2023 in PMGC

By Naman Alok | Jan 8, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


A roadmap for the 2023 season has been revealed by PUBG Mobile Esports, who have also made some updates to their esports ecosystem. Check out the details provided below for a noteworthy adjustment that has been made to the points system. In the previous four years, PUBG Mobile Esports has had significant growth and is now struggling to stabilise by implementing new system enhancements. Although there have been numerous revisions in the past, the format was decided upon last year and will only be slightly altered this year. PUBG Mobile CEO reveals the esports events roadmap for 2023 in PMGC

PMPL is now known as SEA

This season, the PMPL has seen several modifications. Instead of being known as MPL Malaysia/Singapore/Philippines (MY/SG/PH), it is now simply known as PMPL Malaysia, and all the previous areas have been combined into one newer one. The Philippines, Myanmar (MM), Cambodia (KH), and Singapore regions have been added to the PMPL Wildcards, which now include containing the new region. As in previous years, PMPL qualifications will be held through a variety of regional pipelines, enabling fresh rosters to advance to the highest level of play through intense competition.

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New Introduction known as PUBG Mobile Regional Clash is here

PMRC, also known as a regional clash inside Asia, is a brand-new event that PUBG Mobile is launching. Teams from various Asian areas will compete against one another on the same platform. This tournament won’t be included as a qualification event on the official esports roadmap.  

PUBG Mobile Esports brand new Points Scoring System in 2023

This year, the scoring system for PUBG Mobile has undergone a significant modification and now has even fewer points. In the past two years, there has been a reduction of about 50% in the amount. In the coming year, the events will be even more competitive as a result of the teams’ increased motivation to compete. All of these upgrades were mentioned in the 2023 plan for PUBG Mobile esports. In the next announcement, additional significant information will be made known

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