PUBG mobile announces new regions for PMPL & a new world class tournaments

PUBG Mobile is expanding its reach through one of its esteemed competitions. The mobile gaming giant has also added a new event for top teams around the world.

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PUBG Mobile Esports has added seven new regions to its premier competition and has announced a brand-new, World-Class Tournament. The organisers have now put out the PUBG MOBILE Pro League (PMPL) 2021 schedule.

For PMPL, new regions include North America, Brazil, LATAM, CIS, Turkey, Arabia and Western Europe. They have scheduled the event to run from March to June, with PUBG mobile Esports program offering a total prize pool of $14 million for this year.

The PMPL covers four regions: Regional Championships including the PMPL Southeast Asia Championship (PMPL SEA), PMPL Americas Championship, PMPL South Asia Championship and PMPL EMEA Championship. The PMPL and Championships for a few regions have already kicked off.

PMPL Southeast Asia Championship

PMPL Indonesia: March 24th

PMPL Vietnam: March 24th

PMPL Thailand: March 24th

PMPL Malaysia & Singapore: March 24th

Championship Finals: May

PMPL South Asia Championship

League: March 23rd

Championship Finals: May

PMPL Americas Championship

PMPL North America: March 23th

PMPL Brazil: March 30th

PMPL LATAM: April 27th

Championship Finals: June

PMPL EMEA Championship

PMPL CIS: April 20th

PMPL Turkey: April 20th

PMPL Western Europe: May 17th

PMPL Arabia: May 17th

Championship Finals: June

This tournament will include the best teams of the globe who will face each other this summer.

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