PUBG Maps: Find Best Loot Places And Best Places to Land

The best PUBG loot locations, despite the ever-changing nature of flight paths and reachable drop zones, tend to stay the same.

The current version of PUBG is built on Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4. (Image: Twitter)

PUBG loot can be found all over the place, but spend some real time with the game and you’ll quickly realise some places are consistently better than others.

The best PUBG loot locations, despite the ever-changing nature of flight paths and reachable drop zones, tend to stay the same, and normally have the same sort of thing in common between them: lots of loot, lots of players, lots of chances to get killed before you’ve even started.

Here, we’ll discuss the best loot locations in PUBG for all four maps.

PUBG loot locations – where to find the best loot on Erangel

Loot in PUBG is generated at random, but according to certain rules – so you could go to a place known for high quantities of great loot and come away with nothing great, or you could go somewhere average and get something amazing. In other words, it’s a game of odds, and generally if you play according to the odds you’ll come out on top.

We’ll start with Erangel’s loot, breaking it down into sections, from high-quality high-risk through to low-quality low-risk locations, and then do the same for Miramar just below. Do note, of course, that things like the relative “risk” of a location varies from game-to-game of course – Miramar’s Hacienda, for instance, is high risk because it’s popular and regularly under the flight path, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be the odd game where it’s far enough from the flight path for you to race there early and loot in relative safety!

Military Base:

Loot quality: Very High

Loot quantity: Very High

Risk: Very High

The Military Base, on Erangel’s smaller, southern island, has the most consistent amount of high-quality, military-grade loot. Military grade means things like level 3 helmets and body armour, plentiful scopes and attachments, medical gear and assault rifles.

It’s almost always busy, but it’s so huge that your whole squad could loot it and not notice another one doing the same. Aim for the three long buildings in a U-shape for dense amounts of loot that’s easy to work your way through. If you can get here from a flight path that’s quite far away, say via fast vehicle like bike, then it’s an incredible place to loot in peace – but just be wary of “bridge trolls” waiting to ambush you on the way to the mainland.


Loot quality: High

Loot quantity: High

Risk: Very High

The School – the big, central square-shaped building by Rozhok – is massively popular, and thus massively dangerous, because it’s dead central positioning almost always puts it within landing distance of a drop from the plane.

The loot isn’t military-grade, but there’s probably a full squad’s worth there – if it’s at the edge of parachute distance then fighting it out with (and hopefully defeating) one other player or squad is a great way to set yourself up for a very strong push into the late game. Lots of level 2 gear, good weapons and attachments and medical loot, too.

The nearby “puzzle” buildings to the east (that look like jigsaw pieces on the map) are a great place to break out to, as is Rozhok. Just be wary of how open you are in the fields around it!


Loot quality: High

Loot quantity: Very High

Risk: Very High

Stop landing here! Unless you want to practise, warm up, or die quickly that is. Pochinki has good loot and loads of it, but it’s always packed, it’s very hard to know where other teams are (and so very easy to be killed by them) because of the sheer number of places to hide, and it’s just generally an all round death zone.

Great for practise though, or emergency looting if you’re travelling through and short of gear later on, but there are other similar options with slightly lower risk and slightly higher reward that aren’t far away. It’s fine to go for it, just don’t expect it to be safe, ever.

Hospital (plus Georgopol crates and southern buildings):

Loot quality: High

Loot quantity: Very High

Risk: High

The Hospital-Georgopol-crates area is all sort of connected. The best place is probably the Hospital – the H-shaped building just south of the town – as there are vast quantities of loot that’s just below military-grade packed into its various corridors here, enough to kit out a full squad.

The containers, or creates, to the east of the town is the next best place to go. The handful of warehouses are the place to start, then work your way through the containers – and most importantly onto the top of them – to hoover up lots more good loot. Again, a squad can pretty much stock up here.

Finally the buildings – on the south coast, not the northern one, which can be surprisingly frustrating in terms of loot-to-time-spent-looting ratio – are also full of good quality gear. You start to learn the interal structure of these houses quite quickly and can turn it into a very quick procedure with some practice. The lowered risk for all of these areas comes from the fact that they’re out on the west coast, meaning less frequently under the busy flight path.

Mylta Power (and mini Power):

Loot quality: Very High

Loot quantity: High

Risk: Medium

A personal favourite, the east coast’s Mylta Power is a go-to drop when it’s on the edge of the flight path. Thanks to its positioning, a path close to Mylta Power is also close to the Military Base, Mansion, Prison and Novorepnoye, which are all more popular options – and often distract players away from the Power plant.

The loot here is occasionally military grade, although there’s not quite as much of it. If you’re dropping here directly aim for the roof of the large rectangular green building, clean that out, then go to the warehouses around it to finish off the sweep.

Mini Power is a great little spot nearby. A single, unsual power plant structure with some outhouses around it, the very top floor often houses sniper equipment and we’ve frequently found level 3 gear here too. Normally only enough for one or two players though, so it should be coupled with a visit elsewhere (like the main Power plant!) if you’re in a squad. Be wary of rogue players though – we frequently find one or two stragglers turn up as we loot ourselves.

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