PUBG guide to in-game abbreviations a player should know

The world of online gaming uses plenty of abbreviations and in-game calls. Here we take a look at the ones most commonly used in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

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PUBG and other games abbreviations players should know: The world of online gaming, now popularly referred to as eSports, has grown exponentially over the past few years and shows no signs of slowing down. The growth of multiplayer games has led to the rise of new fandoms, which in turn has led to the use of a lingo that is unique to this community of gamers. While playing an online multiplayer game, it is not uncommon to see players communicate using certain abbreviations or calls that would, in most cases, make little sense outside of the game. Yet it makes communication during the game easier. Here we look at some of the more commonly used abbreviations in the popular game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

OP – This stands for ‘overpowered’ but rather than be used as an admission of defeat, is used by game players in more of a complimentary fashion. For instance, if a player pulls off an impressive gameplay sequence, others can complement him by saying OP.

GG – Another positive abbreviation in the world of PUBG, this stands for ‘good game’ and, as the name clearly suggests, is used to complement a person for having played well and emerging victorious in a particular game or event.

BTC – This one stands for ‘born to clutch’ and is generally used along with usernames or name tags. The term ‘clutch’ is used in modern terms to describe someone who puts in his best performances when in a high-pressure situation and hence BTC is used as a way of gamers to show off in their name tags, claiming they perform the best when it is crunch time.

AFK – A commonly used term when players need to step away – either for an emergency situation or otherwise – AFK stands for ‘away from keyboard’. It’s a term that originated in the early days of online gaming when it would take place solely over PCs and was used by gamers when they needed to move away from their seats.

ADS – This stands for ‘aim down sights’ which is a way to tell players to use the scope of their guns in a bid to gain better accuracy and clarity of vision in a bid to go for the kill and potentially even win the game.

TPP – During a game the kind of oversight you have over the battleground can make a world of difference and this abbreviation stands for ‘third person perspective’. While in this perspective you can see your enemies even when you are in cover or if you are running west, you can see all the direction circumstances along the west.

FPP – This is ‘first person perspective’ meaning whatever is happening in front of you is the only thing that is visible. For example, if a person is running towards the east they will be unable to see what is happening west if they are playing the game in FPP. This is akin to a person’s real-life view, which is limited by immediate surroundings.

DC – This is an easy one, simply meaning ‘disconnected’. Players use this to signify either an issue with network or phone/device battery.

HP – Standing for ‘hit points’, this is indicative of the health of a player. A player having low HP means their health is damaged to a degree whereas a high HP is the opposite.

MVP – A terminology used commonly in other sports, this stands for ‘most valuable player’ and is usually bestowed upon the player who, during the course of the match, had the best kill rating, survival rating, support rating among other aspects.

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