PUBG Ace tier: How the reach Ace tier in PUBG and BGMI

Since BGMI came out, the developers have tried their best to provide gamers with a great battle royale experience.

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Since BGMI came out, the developers have tried their best to provide gamers with a great battle royale experience. As a result, more users have started playing the game. After the Cycle system was introduced to both BGMI and PUBG Mobile, the Ace tier has been divided into three parts. Gamers who wish to reach Conqueror rank must first go through Ace, Ace Master, and Ace Dominator. However, getting to this tier isn’t easy. Here’s how to do it.

Try playing with a regular squad

This is important during the rank push in the game, as it becomes easier when players play with a regular squad. Since they know the team’s game style, it becomes easier to understand calls during matches. As a result, users get more points from every match they play.

Participate more in classic matches

Since it takes a lot of matches to succeed in the game, players need to play more classic battle royale matches to gain more points, which will help them reach the Ace tier with ease. Since this level requires 4200 seasonal points, users must play a good number of classic matches to earn the most points.

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Take out more bots

Bots in BGMI or PUBG Mobile matches come as free kills. Players can easily take them out without worrying about getting taken out. These free kills make for kill points, helping players to reach the Ace tier easily.

Hot drops can be avoided

One big mistake BGMI rank pushers make is to land in a hot drop. An early exit from a match could end up losing all the hard work done by players. Therefore, players need to avoid hot drops, which will help them earn more survival points.

Bring along more utilities

Utilities are important for BGMI players during classic matches. While frag grenades come in handy to knock out opponents, smoke grenades can create a good cover. Besides, health utilities in good numbers can also help players survive long even after taking fights.

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