Pro player tips PUBG Mobile: How to win final zone fights

BGMI is one of the most played battle royale games in India and has managed to substitute PUBG Mobile.

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BGMI is one of the most played battle royale games in India and has managed to substitute PUBG Mobile after its ban in the country. One of the biggest parts of this game is the ranking system which is similar to its precursor. The top players of the game in the country try to reach the topmost rank – Conquer, every season.

If you are someone looking for ideas to last longer in battles, here are the pro player tips PUBG Mobile and BGMI players should take.

COMMUNICATIon is the key

Communication is very important for any battle royale game as players cannot stay alive for long in this environment without having a good strategy. This means they can work together by setting short-term goals. Players should make sure to plan how they are going to enter the final circles and communicate through voice mode.

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ROLES and goals should be defined

As discussed, setting some goals is very crucial while playing the game. This game is about the survival of the fittest and hence, players who have a better approach to this game will excel. Players need to have an idea of how to move forward in the game. If they choose to go for more kills, using aggressive gameplay could be helpful. This doesn’t mean they should be aggressive in all scenarios. They should judge the condition and take action accordingly.


Equipment is an underrated part of this game. Players should rely more on a certain set of utilities. They should have an adequate amount of grenades, smokes, and some flashes as well. Using vehicles is very common in competition but players should try to use the same approach in ranked games also.

As the rank goes up, players use strategies on the go, and hence, they should be able to counter it with their own vehicles. Players can also vehicles to travel as well as use them as cover in final moments where the final circle is in open areas.

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