Prior to VCT 2023 LOCK/IN, Global Esports CEO acknowledges challenges and promises to put forth 200% of his or her effort

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The founder and CEO of Global Esports, Rushindra Sinha, stated that he expects the team’s Valorant roster to triumph in the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour 2023 LOCK/IN So Paulo, but he also recognised that the newly assembled squad may require some time to gel and perform at their peak due to cultural differences and a lack of playing time together. Additionally, he says that while the competition may not be the best platform for Global Esports to display its talent, the squad nonetheless intends to perform to the best of its abilities. Prior to VCT 2023 LOCK/IN, Global Esports CEO acknowledges challenges and promises to put forth 200% of his or her effort

According to the CEO of Global Esports, the team needs time to build chemistry

Sinha recently went on a Livestream and said that he expected Global Esports to win the VCT 2023 LOCK/IN in So Paulo, Brazil. “Our constant expectation is to succeed. Hopium and cocaine have brought us to this point “said he. Added him, “We must be really realistic and acknowledge that the squad has no opportunity to play as a roster in one room at all, just as none of the seven players has ever been in one room at any point in their lives. Many of these guys have never met or seen one another. In recent weeks, they had never previously crossed paths. As a result, it will take time.”

Sinha agreed that there are cultural differences, which may need players to develop a synergy over a longer period of time. “There are certain cultural barriers, and it will take time for them to work together effectively. As you are aware, they are all duelists, thus we are focusing on a few things. Although everything is proceeding according to plan, it will take some time before its full impact becomes apparent. Therefore, it would take some time for the synergy and other factors to take effect and for the value to emerge “he declared.

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Continuing, Sinha said, “Perhaps it won’t be Brazil (VCT 2023 LOCK/IN). That is all I have to say. The Brazilian Global Esports team has a lot of potential, as you will see. Once all players are present in one location, you will likely witness more kinetic energy (advance) in Korea after Brazil.”

In VCT 2023 LOCK/IN, Sinha emphasised that Global Esports’ objective is to demonstrate its potential and “crack skulls” at the international level, and it won’t settle for anything less. “Everyone involved must give it their all. Otherwise, why are we even trying to do this? Why are we wasting resources like time, money, and opportunities? Therefore, our objective is to contribute everything we have; neither we nor our players would accept anything less “he continued.

Due to visa complications, Global Esports’ Valorant players haven’t been able to play the game from a Bootcamp. Global Esports was looking into Bootcamp options in countries that do not require visas as a result. The team intended to move to the South Korean Bootcamp to be ready for the VCT 2023 LOCK/IN event in Brazil, but regrettably, that did not happen. After the competition, they intend to transfer to the South Korean Bootcamp, but there have been no updates on the other Bootcamp.

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