Pokemon: Top five female characters in the Pokemon anime

Many of the show's female characters have performed admirably, while others have been less than stellar.

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On his endless Pokemon journey, Ash has met countless members of the fairer sex, several of whom have even joined him for a time. Many of the show’s female characters have performed admirably, while others have been less than stellar. And some have had subpar performances while remaining extremely popular.

Nurse Joy

Nurse Joy is a recurring character in both the anime and the games (even though she may not be named in the latter, her telltale appearance is easily recognizable). This massive family of sisters/cousins/clones/whatever they are is always there to assist Ash and his friends whenever their Pokemon require some TLC after a hard battle. Nurse Joy more than deserves a spot on this list, given the surrealness of there always being a Nurse Joy in any given town, each one’s fervent love for Pokemon, and Brock’s easily swayed heart pulling for her every time.


The Sinnoh region’s champion is an incredibly talented trainer and the franchise’s first female champion. Cynthia has a powerful presence that can even appease Brock’s lady-saving Croagunk, despite her apparent kindness and lightheartedness. Cynthia does not appear as frequently in the anime as many other female characters, but her strong personality and exceptional talent have earned her a place in the hearts of the franchise’s fans.


The persistent Pokemon snatcher and her two teammates have been following Ash and Pikachu for just a few episodes short of Ash’s entire Pokemon training career. But simply being the most-seen female character isn’t enough to propel Jessie to the top of the rankings. Jessie, despite not being a particularly gifted trainer, treats her Pokemon with respect and love and has an unusual fondness for Pokemon contests. Even after years of chasing around Ash, Jessie remains a solid and popular female character due to her genuine talent in contests and raucous personality.


In the original series, Misty was Ash’s first companion. Misty, a tomboy who won’t let Ash get away with much of his protagonist nonsense, has always been a fan favourite. She even takes part in an exciting event, hatching the Generation II Pokemon Togepi over two years before Pokemon Gold and Silver were released. However, after Togepi, Misty feels a little empty as she spends the rest of the series carrying around the infant Pokemon. This causes her to lose a lot of the energy and freedom she’s become known for. She returns in full force in subsequent seasons, bringing back the Misty spunk that fans know and love.


Serena appears in the anime for only one season, but she makes quite an impression in the short time she is Ash’s companion. Not only is she revealed to have met and befriended Ash long before he began his Pokemon journey, but she is also Ash’s only companion who openly confesses her feelings for him. Serena is also one of the few characters who drastically alters her appearance mid-season, cutting her hair in a heartfelt scene and changing her outfit. This also distinguishes her from other game-anime companion counterparts such as May and Dawn, as she is the only character to have her own distinct anime appearance.

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