Pokemon Scarlet and Violet New Seven-Star Tera Raid Event in June 2024

One of Swampert the Unrivaled's Hidden Abilities is Damp which stops the usage of moves like Self-Destruct, in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Self-Destruct is not frequently working

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By Naman Alok | May 28, 2024 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have announced an exciting new challenge for players in June 2024, the next Seven-Star Tera Raid will feature Swampert the Unmatched, a powerful Water and Ground-type Pokemon. This raid will start on May 30 and run through June 2 with a second chance from June 6 to June 9, Swampert will have a Poison Tera type and use various strong moves making it a tough opponent. 

Players can prepare by using strategic Pokemon to counter Swampert’s attacks and earn the Mightiest Most powerful Mark reward upon victory.

Battle Strategy and Swampert’s Abilities

One of Swampert the Unrivaled’s Hidden Abilities is Damp which stops the usage of moves like Self-Destruct, in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Self-Destruct is not frequently working but Damp highlights Swampert’s tactical advantage. Powerful moves like Poison Jab, Liquidation, Surf, Earthquake and Ice Beam are all part of Swampert’s move weapons which makes it a strong opponent. 

Pokemon with moves or skills that can successfully nullify some of Swampert’s attacks like as Orthworm, Mew, Slowbro or Slowking are good counters for the monster. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet now featuring Swampert the Unrivalled are still providing exciting challenges with their Seven-Star Tera Raids. 

Trainers are asked to fully prepare to face this strong opponent, even if it is unclear exactly what moves Swampert will use in battle. There will be more thrilling fights and chances for players to put their abilities to the test as the roster of Seven-Star Tera raid participants gets reduced.

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire introduced Swampert also referred to as the Mud Fish Pokemon, as a Water and Ground type. It is the last stage of growth for Hoenn Region’s Water-type starter Mudkip, Swampert is distinct due to its blue aquatic look and quick four-footed swimming. 

Although having a slower base speed of 60, Swampert stands out in combat thanks to its balanced collection of physical and special attacks. Its attack and HP stats are its highest while its special attack and defence stats are decent, with the help of the Indigo Disc DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players can find Mudkip in the Terarium and evolve it into Marshtomp and Swampert.

Other Details of the Seven-Star Tera Raid

Once players have defeated Sandy Shocks and Iron Thorns in the Paradox Tera Raids they will encounter a new challenge. The Seven-Star Tera Raid with Swampert the Unmatched is scheduled to start on Thursday, May 30, at 8:00 PM Eastern and end on Sunday, June 2, at 7:59 PM Eastern, according to Serebii.net. 

If someone is unable to take advantage of this window there will be another chance from June 6 to June 9 at the same time. After a match players with the Mightiest Mark will be rewarded by Swampert the Outstanding who has a Poison Tera type.

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