Pokemon: Five best Dragon-type legendary Pokemon

Dragons are well-known mythical creatures in fairy tales, folklore, and so on, thus, many Legendary Pokemon have the Dragon typing.

Legendary Pokemon Rayquaza. (Image: Twitter)

A large number of Legendary Pokemon are Dragon-Type. Dragons are well-known mythical creatures in fairy tales, folklore, and so on. As a result, it’s not surprising that many Legendary Pokemon have the Dragon typing. The following are the best Dragon Legendary Pokemon. Charizard, Dratini, and Dragonite are some of the more popular Dragon-type Pokemon.


Latios, the jet Pokemon, is a Psychic/Dragon Legendary. Latias is slightly better than Latios, despite having higher offensive stats. Latias has additional useful moves such as Icy Wind, Light Screen, and Reflect. Latias plays a more supportive role, and is a little more defensive than its blue counterpart Latios. However, they are both excellent choices for a strong Pokemon team.


Giratina is so powerful that it has created its own world, the Distortion World. In Pokemon Platinum, the player can visit this world and challenge this beast. Giratina is extremely powerful, with a very unique Ghost/Dragon typing that it only shares with Dragapult. Giratina also has an alternate form known as the Origin form. Giving it the held-item Griseous Orb will awaken it. Giratina, like all box legendaries, packs a punch and has incredible stats.


It’s ironic that Palkia and Dialga are better than Giratina, given that Giratina is the overlord of the two. Palkia is a Legendary of the Water/Dragon type who has control over space. Controlling space gives it a lot of power. Palkia has excellent stats in general and a variety of interesting uses. Trick Room is also a good mix-up option.


Dialga is the most powerful of the Diamond and Pearl trio. Controlling Time is by far the most beneficial and powerful domain. Dialga is a Steel/Dragon type that is only found in this and Duraludon. The typing provides numerous resistances and is excellent both offensively and defensively. Dialga is a Dynamax sweeper who sees a lot of action in the competitive scene. It does a lot of damage and takes up a lot of space.


Rayquaza is one of the most popular Legendary Pokemon, and for good reason: it has been a powerful Pokemon since its debut in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Rayquaza isn’t just popular; it’s also incredibly powerful, with excellent stats and typing. It even has a Mega form, which is extremely useful. Rayquaza, piloted by well-known player Wolfe Glick, won a World Championship for VGC in 2016. Rayquaza with Swords Dance is a total threat.

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