PMWI 2022 Day 2 Result, Points Table, Top Fraggers, And Team SouL Position After Day 2

Day 2 of PMWI 2022 is over, and it was rather sad for Indian fans as Team SouL failed to live up tp their expectations today, as well. By the end of six matches of Day 2 Team Falcons was at the top of the table with a total of 142 points, and had 74 rank points and 68 elimination points. Close second to them is Stalwart Gaming with a total of 130 points. PMWI 2022 Day 2 Result, Points Table, Top Fraggers, And Team SouL Position After Day 2.

PMWI 2022 Day 2 Points Table

Day 2 started with a fresh mind set for the team who are at the bottom half of the table. However, the very consistent Stalwart Gaming, Team Falcon, who actually redeemed themselves, and RSG were the table toppers at the end of 6 matches.

Team Soul had started the Day at 13th place, but slipped to the 15th place by the day ended. They are cuurently tied with 52 Esports, who are also at 55 points but at the 14th place. While most of the teams managed to be aggressive, team Soul still tried to get the hang of the game. It was clearly visible when they pushed RSG and got eliminated in just a few seconds.

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PMWI 2022 Top Fraggers Day 2

Day 2 ended with Lightedning being the top fragger. Right behind Lightening is NVRALONE and then Lord. Lightening has 23 finish points, and NVRALONE has 14. With just 6 matches remaining and the final day just a few hours away. It will be interesting to see how the teams perform and how they are able to work their top fraggers who are eyeing at an individiual prize, as well.

Team SouL Position After Day 2

Team Soul had a tough day today. They slipped from 13th place to 15th. Only one 4v4 worked in their favour, which was one of the most anticipated fights of the whole series STE vs SouL. Soul wiped out the team but had lost a man. Tomorrow, SouL will have to play the game of their life time. It is a total make it or break it for them.

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