Play Free Fire online without downloading full app: Here’s how to do it

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Free Fire is undoubtedly one of the most popular games available right now. The game has acquired a huge player base across the world. In the process, Gerena Free Fire also reached many milestones such as one billion downloads on the Google Play Store.

One of the most frequently asked questions by players is whether the game can be played online without having to download the full app. This emerges primarily because not every user has adequate storage space on their devices, forcing them to look for alternative ways to play the battle royale game.

Can Free Fire be played without downloading it?

Before moving forward, it is imperative to note that players can play the demo version of Free Fire without downloading it on their devices and not the full version. Therefore, they must keep in mind that it’s not possible to play the whole game without fully downloading it.

Players can; however, utilize the trial version to the functioning of the game. This is feasible thanks to Google Play Instant, which enables them to check out an app or look at a demo version, providing them a rudimentary sense of its working.

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Steps to access the same for Free Fire:

1. Players will be required to boot up the Google Play Store app and visit the Gerena Free Fire page through the search bar.

2. After that, they will have to tap on the “Try Now” option. Upon doing so, a Google Play Instant screen will show up, and the game will load. In the demo, players will have to face off against a total of six bots in a short area. This will run for six minutes and players will have to beat all the bots within that time. 

3. This way, players will be able to try out the demo and test Geren Free Fire’s functionality. Once all of this is done, players will get a download option, asking them if they want to install the game on their devices. Upon agreeing players will be able to proceed with the process of installation.

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