Penta Pro Series Valorant Broadcast Removes Indian Caster

Kripz refuted this assertion when questioned about it, saying that the tournament's organiser had not given him any instructions requiring him to mute his own audio

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Indian Caster Umesh “Kripz” Kripalani’s comments on Indian Valorant players were unintentionally released on the official Livestream of the competition on the first day of the Penta Pro Series – Valorant. Several professional Indian Valorant players and organisations expressed their indignation on social media after Kripz made some derogatory comments about them. The Head of Esports at Penta Esports, Kiran “ShaDesLaYeR” Noojibail, released a statement after the incident saying that the company disagrees with Kripz’s viewpoints and that he will no longer be casting this tournament. Penta Esports asserted in a statement that Kripz ignored a request to silence his audio, which resulted in his comments being mistakenly broadcast on stream. The caster refuted receiving such directives from Penta Esports, though.

Kripz expresses regret to the Valorant community for these remarks.

Kripz was speaking to his casting colleague Arjun “OGTheLowRezChicken” Ramesh during a break in the Penta Pro Series – Valorant regarding Indian Valorant players and teams in what he thought was a private conversation. However, Kripz’s microphone was left unmuted while OGTheLowRezChicken’s was turned off during the Livestream, which led to some of the discussion being broadcast on the official stream. In addition to making derogatory comments against numerous professional players, including Simar “Psy” Sethi, Saaransh “Whimp” Dang, and Aman “Hoax” Yadav, Kripz dubbed God’s Reign’s Valorant team a “team of rejects.”

He claimed that Vibhor “Vibhor” Vaid was fired from Velocity Gaming and that Simar “Psy” Sethi was responsible for the breakup of every team he had ever played on. About Saaransh, he added some remarks “Dang said, “Whimp is still in Revenant Esports, which is shocking. Whimp being a worthless player, there is a report that he may also be fired from Revenant Esports “I should also mention that Whimp hasn’t recently shown off any compelling gameplay. He then asserted that he had heard rumours that Whimp had been fired from Revenant Esports from Raunak “Crowley” Sen. (Pokemon Unite player in Revenant Esports). Aman “Hoax” Yadav, according to him, was never given serious consideration for any lineup.

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Kripz apologised to the players and teams he had insulted on his Twitter account after the event was made public on social media. He claimed that while he did not intend to offend any of the players he mentioned, he spoke crudely.

Kripz is dismissed by Penta Esports from the Penta Pro Series – Valorant

After that, Kiran “ShaDesLaYeR” Noojibail, head of esports for Penta Esports, issued an apology to everyone impacted by the remarks and clarified that the company does not share Kripz’s opinions. He said that Kripz will no longer participate in the event going ahead “as a disciplinary step.”

Due to an unintended broadcast of Kripz’s remarks on the subject, the entire affair has come to light. ShaDesLaYeR explained to AFK Gaming in an email exchange that the English broadcast of the opening match of the Penta Pro Series – Valorant day 1 was having some difficulties for the production team. He stated, “During the break at the conclusion of match 1, we observed significant frame dips and chose to switch to our backup process. With this method, the casters had to muffle the audio that was transmitted to them in order to just get the footage from the camera. Unfortunately, Kripz forgot to mute his audio, and it was broadcast live despite the caster next to him having done so.

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