Gaming sensation Patiphan thinks Overwatch is harder than Valorant

During a live stream, Patiphan compared Overwatch with Valorant and stated that the former is harder to play compared to Valorant

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Patiphan Chaiwong, a widely known gamer from Thailand, has come back to compete in Overwatch after having a successful run in Valorant. He represented X10 Crit in Valorant Champions 2021 and managed to secure the seventh spot. After the defeat, he decided to call it a day on his Valorant competitive days.

Recently, Patiphan joined the popular overwatch team – Los Angeles Gladiators. The team is known to compete in the Western Division of Overwatch League and fans are highly anticipating Patiphan’s return to competitive esports.

During a live stream, Patiphan compared Overwatch with Valorant and stated that the former is harder to play compared to Valorant. He also talked about the skill ceiling in both games and seems ready to battle out other teams in the coming days.

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Reason for leaving Valorant

Patiphan, in a recent live stream, said that the skill ceiling in Valorant is too low in comparison to Overwatch. The skill ceiling means the limit on how good a player can be at a certain game after spending hours mastering it.

However, he did say that he misses playing Valorant. He said, “Actually Valo is a good game, but the skill ceiling, no! Even if I win probably in Overwatch for 2 years and I come back, I would still be good.”

He also said that games do not matter and he will return to Valorant and dominate the scene again. Unless Riot adds more agents to the current roster, Patiphan believes he has the skills to dominate again.

Adding more agents would scale up the skill ceiling and that might hamper his performance when he returns. Patiphan’s exit from the active roster of X10 Crit means the team will have to look for another highly-skilled person to continue performing well in the Southeast Asian Valorant scene.

Moreover, Nodwin Gaming has joined forces with Riot Games and has announced Valorant Conquerors Championship 2022 for South Asian teams. The winner will be qualified for the Valorant Champions Tour 2022. The championship became a huge success this year in South Asia and the tournament will return in 2022 as well.

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