Pakistan police demands PUBG Mobile Ban, know reason why PUBG Mobile is getting banned and more

A teen addicted to PUBG killed his mother and three siblings

Pakistani police have demanded that PUBG Mobile, a “dangerous” online game, be banned. The Pakistani authorities have labelled the popular online mobile battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile) as “dangerous.” The Punjab and federal governments may decide to outright ban the game. According to a spokesperson, the decision was made in light of last week’s terrible occurrence in Kahna, in which a teen addicted to PUBG killed his mother and three siblings. Know why Pakistan police wants PUBG Mobile ban.

Pakistan police demands PUBG Mobile Ban

A 14-year-old child was arrested last week for murdering his mother and three siblings. According to authorities, the child played PUBG for lengthy periods of time each day, which had a significant impact on his mental health. ‘After constantly failing in the game, his stress drove him to enrage his family, hoping that they would also come back to life like he did in the game,’ a police spokesperson told Dawn. “It is necessary to ban the game in order to prevent acts of violence prompted by it,” police added. “Youth become addicted to the game’s tasks and, as a result, commit violent acts.”

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After a child slaughtered his family members in Lahore last week, apparently inspired by the video game Player-Battlegrounds Unknown’s Mobile, Punjab police have asked the provincial and federal governments to prohibit all violent video games (PUBG Mobile).

In July 2020, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) temporarily banned PUBG in Pakistan after judging it to be excessively violent and addicting. Bigo, the game’s creators, had pledged at the time that if the restriction was lifted, they would regulate immoral and indecent content.

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