Overwatch Genji strategy: How to play with the character?

Though Genji’s body was destroyed in a clash with Hanzo, his older brother, Overwatch has put him back.

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Though Genji’s body was destroyed in a clash with Hanzo, his older brother, Overwatch has put him back. Genji now lives as a cyborg. He is now a living weapon with upgraded speed, strength, and agility. It wasn’t until he met Zenyatta, the Overwatch hero.

Genji is now free from everything that held him back previously and is stronger than ever. Overwatch’s cyborg ninja is one of the most challenging heroes to learn, so a little bit of inner peace could help burgeoning the character.

Excelling the shuriken and sword will enable any player to become a serious threat to any other player. In this article, we will provide some tips for playing Genji like a true ninja.

Cyber-Agility is a very crucial part of Genji’s kit. As a passive, it’s always on. The character is capable of climbing walls and double jumping on command. Reaching areas that other heroes are unable to reach, Genji has mobility that sets him apart from most other DPS characters.

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Speed enables Genji to dance in and out of battle—opponents will find it hard to hit him when moving. Players can also get creative with approaches using Genji. Players can catch their enemies by surprising them by flanking from an orthodox angle and dashing away before players can get caught.

Wall-climbing and double-jumping can also come in handy to peek over ledges and throw shurikens, ducking away before any damage is taken. Players can gain some intel on opponents, as well as charge their ultimate.

Genji should always have an escape route decided, however, even if players are just poking. Players don’t want to get caught off guard and taken out before a fight has even started. As a major damage dealer for a team, Genji is very important in team fights.

By jumping and dodging behind enemy lines to take down pesky healers while the player’s team attacks the frontline. Double-jumping while attacking makes the character hard to hit as well.

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