Overwatch endorsement level: Everything to know about endorsements

As long as there has been a competitive gaming scene, there have been all kinds of bad sports.

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As long as there has been a competitive gaming scene, there have been all kinds of bad sports. Blizzard’s highly popular game Overwatch has had a bad history with toxic players in their community. While the company has tried getting rid of this plague, the latest system is trying something different this time.

Instead of discouraging bad behavior with punishments, Overwatch now has an endorsement system that tries to encourage good behavior among the players. If you are new to the game and don’t know what endorsements are, how they function, and how and why players should try to get them, we will help you in this article.

What are Overwatch endorsements?

In simple words, endorsements are a social feature in the game that acts as rewards for players who play nicely, are good teammates, and are positive for Overwatch’s community. There are three types of endorsements that players can earn:

Sportsmanship: It is meant to be rewarded to players who show good sportsmanship during the gameplay. Being a good sport to opponents, in win or loss, is also crucial here.

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Good Teammate: This one focuses more than Sportsmanship since it applies directly to players’ interactions with their specific squad during a match. 

Shot Caller: If a player is an Overwatch expert, this one is a good endorsement they should aim for. 

How to give and receive endorsements

So, now that we have already told you the different types of endorsements, how do players actually earn them? The game itself doesn’t really pick out who was a Good Teammate or Shot Caller as it can for play of the game. This means it falls on players and others in a match to decide who deserves any of the endorsements.

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