Overwatch 2: How can players buy skin in the game?

Battle passes, shop rotations, and events in Overwatch 2 always come with a lot of cosmetics for the game’s cast of heroes that continues to grow.

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Battle passes, shop rotations, and events in Overwatch 2 always come with a lot of cosmetics for the game’s cast of heroes that continues to grow. Among these, skins are the most coveted items that offer a completely new look and silhouettes to the heroes.

Skins are usually themed around seasonal events. Since the original Overwatch’s contentious loot boxes have been removed, players will now be able to buy most skins outright using the in-game currency or legacy currency imported from the previous game.

While players are divided on whether this change is beneficial for the game, it means that buying skins has completely changed with the new game in the franchise.

How to purchase skins in Overwatch 2?

In the latest game in the franchise, players can buy skins from one of two places: the in-game shop or the hero gallery. Players who played the first Overwatch are familiar with the latter.

Players need to navigate to the Heroes page from the main screen, then they will have to select a hero and buy a variety of cosmetics associated with that hero. Several existing cosmetics such as skins can be purchased with legacy currency, which is equivalent to however much currency players had in the original game when the servers were taken down.

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Other skins from the hero gallery can only be bought using Overwatch coins, which is the game’s premium currency. Players will either have to grind challenges or shell out real money to get Overwatch coins, which can be used to buy these skins. Players can choose from old skins and new ones that were rolled out with Overwatch 2’s launch.

Players might notice that not all old skins can be bought in the hero gallery. It’s unclear what’s the reason, though many of them are likely event skins that are only sold during certain parts of the year.

As for the shop, it’s the second good way to buy skins. Players can buy skins in the shop with either Overwatch coins or Overwatch League tokens, an old currency that has been shifted to Overwatch 2. Overwatch League tokens can be purchased with real money or earned by watching official OWL broadcasts.

To buy skins from the shop, players just need to navigate to the one they want and hit on the purchase button at the bottom of the screen. Players will be prompted either confirm the transaction or buy more Overwatch coins if they don’t have enough to complete the sale.

Once bought, players can head back to the hero gallery and equip it. Players can use the same purchase process for non-skin cosmetics purchased from the shop.

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