Overwatch 2 fans wants Brigitte Stun to return in the game

By Tanisha Wankhade | Dec 19, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Brigitte is in a very hard spot in Overwatch 2. After more or less demolishing the first game by occurring too much of a must choosed, her nerfs in the next part have made it difficult to justify playing her, as there’s constantly a nicer preference for both recovery and handling harm. Understandably, this has Brig mains thinking about the old days. Overwatch 2 fans wants Brigitte Stun to return in the game.

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Presently, in a conversation on how Blizzard can make Brigitte more achievable, a ton of gamers say that she should obtain her stun capability back. This would make it apparent to prevent opponents in their tracks utilizing Brig’s shield bash, stopping assaults and assisting their DPS team members earn some kills in. Nonetheless, with most stun capabilities eliminated in Overwatch, it would also make her the only character eligible to do this utmost of an ultimate.

“Give her stun back,” says Reddit user Middle_Oven_1568, speaking in a thread about how Brigitte can be improved. “She gets dunked on so hard now it’s not even funny.”

Elden_FunionRing approves in the replies by saying: “Honestly, her stun wasn’t even that bad to begin with. I understand why they removed the vast majority of stuns, but I feel that removing hers was a bit uncalled for.”

Others debated that it’s unreasonable that Support characters have one tinier aspect of crowd control, creating them especially susceptible – particularly with one less Tank in the team to protect them. On top of this, user adorpheus contends that returning Brig’s stun wouldn’t be as OP as it was in the first Overwatch, as it could be disputed with Kiriko’s Suzo.

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