Overview of THE MISFIST OF DEMON KING ACADEMY Season 2 Episode 1

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“The Misfit of Demon King Academy” is an anime adaptation of a light novel series written by Shu and illustrated by Yoshinori Shizuma. The series is produced by Silver Link and directed by Shin Onuma, with scripts written by Kento Shimoyama. The series features character designs by Shoko Yasuda and music composed by Ruka Kawada. The story follows Anos Voldigoad, the Demon King, who is reincarnated after several millennia and enrolls in a school for demon kings. He quickly finds himself at odds with the school’s strict hierarchy and sets out to overthrow it. The anime first premiered in July 2020 and ran for 13 episodes. Overview of THE MISFIST OF DEMON KING ACADEMY Season 2 Episode 1


Anos rescued Reno from Nousgalia, the Heavenly Father God who wanted her to bear the “Child of God,” two thousand years ago. Anos sends his right-hand man Shin with her to guard her while she journeys to Delsgade. The two return to Aharthern after Anos has been sacrificed, but they find it under attack by the Divine Beast Gwen. Anoshu Polticoal, a boy, protects Reno after she is attacked from behind.

Erdomaid Dittijohn, one of the fabled Four Evil Royals, and their new homeroom teacher are introduced to Anos’ class in the present. He upsets the royal kids by making it very evident that Anos is the actual Demon King of Tyranny. Even though Anos is aware that Nousgalia is controlling him, he nevertheless lets him be.

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The Goddess of Destruction Abernyu, whose power was taken and transformed into Venuzdonoa by Anos, is described in class by the Heavenly Father. The gods decided to construct the “Child of God” to overthrow him because his actions upset the balance. In addition, he admits that the entity is already present in the academy. He is not believed by the royal students, so Nousgalia employs magic to suffocate them. In order to avoid permanently murdering Nousgalia and destroying the planet, Anos summons Venuzdonoa to kill him. He then revives him using only 10% of his original source.

Then, Anos’ group divided into three search parties for the “Child of God.” The heroes from the Hero Academy are met by Eleonore and Zeshia, but they are poisoned. A student who claims to be a servant of her father approaches Lay and Misa. Menou Historia was taken hostage, as discovered by Sasha and Misha. Melheis Boran is discovered dead by Anos when he goes to check on him. The culprits are the Four Evil Royals’ direct subordinates.

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