Overview of Team Alpha 7 esports (PMGC Grand Finalist)

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Alpha 7 esports is one of the most popular and biggest esports organisations of PUBG Mobile. Alpha 7 esports is a Brazilian organisation. Recently they qualify for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) Grand Finals 2022 they gave their best performance to qualify for Grand Finals and yesterday on the Day 1 of the Grand Finals, they had 1 Chicken Dinner, 35 Elimination Points from 6 matches and got 1st place on the Leaderboard by scoring a total of 78 points. The Alpha 7 esports is led by Carrilho his (IGL/Entry Fragger), Swaguin (Assaulter), Revo (Assaulter), Mythic (Assaulter) and Mafioso (Assaulter). Therefore, this article will cover Alpha 7 esports rotation, performance, and more. Overview of Team Alpha 7 esports (PMGC Grand Finalist)

Overview of Team Alpha 7 esports

• Drop location

The Team Alpha 7 esports drop location is Mylta Power and his split compounds at Erangel, this same team in Miramar prefer to loot Torre Ahumada and the map of Sanhok they prefer to loot Lakawi and Kampong, and they also loot is splits like 2-2 or 1-1-1-1 split, that’s why they loot quick and cover the whole area of their drop point. In the first 6 matches of the Grand Finals, they don’t have to take any other drop, because in all matches the flight path is not so far from their drop. So they are very lucky for their drop location.

• Rotations

We all know that the leader of any team says that IGL, is a player who tries his best to lead his team to victory.  Similarly, in Team Alpha 7 esports, Carrilho, the team leader, does what it takes for his team to win. It is an important task for IGL in every team to rotate his team safely to the zone, because one mistake can destroy their team. Carrilho is an experienced player, In the Grand finals, we see the team rotate in a 1-3 or 2-1-1 Split. Carrilho is also an attacking player in his team, but his focus is on the first zone.  By rotation, he first targets the area in the middle of the zone, from where the fight of the area around him is better. After taking the middle of the zone, the players who target them outside that zone can get the finish points for their teams and collect more points for their teams. Because of this strategy, the team is currently in 1st position in the leaderboard of the grand finals, because of Carrilho and his teammates. That’s why Carrilho is a great IGL.

• Players Performance

It is not wrong to say that Team Alpha 7 esports is currently one of the most aggressive teams in the PUBG mobile Esports Community. We see this fact in their old matches as well as present matches. Team Alpha 7 esports was in 4th position till the 2nd match of the Grand finals day 1, but they finished 1st on Day 1 because, in the 3rd and 4th matches, they collect lots of kill and placement points. Then they were in 1st position in the last 2 matches of Day 1, and in the 3rd match of the Grand Finals, they took the chicken dinner with 13 elimination. Because of this match, the team finished 1st position on day 1 of the grand finals. Team Alpha 7 esports Revo is also top on the MVP leaderboard with 13 eliminations on day 1. They are also on Damage, Average Survival time leaderboard Top is on 1st in all leaderboard with total damage of 2884 and Average Survival time leaderboard of 21:59 min.

• Mindsets In tough-fights

Team Alpha 7 esports is known as a very aggressive team. This often makes the team feel like they are in a hurry and under pressure, but not all players on the team are experienced and positive. In the majority of matches, they always play in a 3-1 split because of the split zone holding strategy they cover the maximum area of the zone, sometimes they also take a 2-2 split in the way of taking the fight, but in all types of split players of the team not take long-range split like 200mtr or above, they always take max 150mtr split. That helps them to counter the fights faster and more efficiently. What makes Team Alpha 7 special is the use of Throwable against their opponents. The team used it a lot. As a result, they defeat the enemy with less damage. In a highly competitive game, the opposing team is very strong and fighting against it is not that easy to endure. Therefore, even in fierce battles, all team Alpha 7 esports players play their respective roles well. All teammates focus on each other’s calls. If any other team can be defeated by them. They know when and which team to fight. All this was possible only by trusting the IGL calls made by the teammates. Carrilho is a dynamic playstyle IGL, but the majority of the time he takes the centre of the zone and holds the position and takes the fights and finishes.

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• Numbers of Third Parties by Team

Enrolling the third team in the middle of a fight between any two teams is called a third party. Teams take third parties to get the advantage of Elimination points and defeat their opponents in the match by eliminating the other team. Talking Team Alpha 7 esports, does about 4 to 5 third parties in a match. Because of their centre zone holding strategy, they have zone advantage and multiple areas to find fights and take the multiple fights advantage at the same time. But this is not the case in all matches, it also depends on the situation of the match whether the players have to fight first or prefer the zone. Because Team Alpha 7 esports is a dynamic playstyle team, if they get the chance, then they will not miss taking advantage of the third party to collect more elimination points for the team.

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