Ousama Ranking Episode 22 Release Date, Spoilers, Time And Where To Watch

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The penultimate episode of the acclaimed first season of Ousama Ranking, or Ranking of Kings, is Episode 22. With the majority of the mysteries and questions resolved, viewers are waiting for Miranjo’s promise with the demon to be revealed. Ousama Ranking Episode 22 Release Date, Spoilers, Time And Where To Watch

The episode’s title and preview indicate that the focus will be on Daida as well as Miranjo and the Demon. However, it’s unlikely that Episode 22 will include an action sequence as thrilling as the one between Bosse and Bojji.

Ousama Ranking Episode 22 Release Date And Time

On Friday, March 18, at 1:00 a.m. JST, Ousama Ranking Episode 22 will be released. The episode will be directed by Hitomi Ezoe and will be titled “The Promise to a Demon (Majin to no Yakusoku).”

Crunchyroll will release Episode 22 on Thursday, March 17, at the following international times:

  • Pacific Time: 8 AM
  • Central Time: 10 AM
  • Eastern Time: 11 AM
  • British Time: 4 PM
  • Central European Time: 5 PM
  • Indian Standard Time: 9:30 PM
  • Philippine Time: 12:00 AM, March 18
  • Australian Central Time: 2:30 AM, March 18

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Recap of Episode 21

The 21st episode of Ousama Ranking, titled “The Swordsmanship of the King,” began with King Bosse ignoring Bojji’s challenge and proceeding to speak with Miranjo. Bosse made her realise that he never wanted to be reincarnated after she expressed her regret for her role in Queen Shiina’s death. He then proceeded to fight Bojji.

His former retainers surprised him by fighting alongside Bojji, with Apeas reminding everyone that the young boy was their true king.

Despa revealed that Bojji’s fighting style could never take lives because it is the “King’s Swordsmanship.” Bojji fought and defeated his father in a dizzyingly brilliant sequence, destroying his signature club in the process.

Bosse was pleased with his son. However, after deciding it was time for him to leave, he moved to break Miranjo’s mirror before being stopped by Bojji.

Miranjo asked Bojji to break her mirror in order to free Daida. The young protagonist agreed after sincerely thanking her and promising to save her from the Demon.

Both Bosse’s and Miranjo’s souls left for the afterlife after the mirror was broken. However, the demon appeared and devoured Miranjo’s soul, leaving a bemused Bosse to beg Daida, rather than Bojji, to save her.

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Miranjo met the demon when they were both children, and she made a promise to him that she later broke. After the demon devoured her soul, she awoke in a realm described by the child demon as a “endless cycle of pain and suffering.”

Miranjo witnessed the demon eat lost souls like hers, regurgitate them, and eat them again as she sobbed for breaking her promise.

Ousama Ranking Episode 22 Spoilers

Daida is finally in control of his body in the preview for Ousama Ranking Episode 22. As everyone prepares to fight the Demon, the narration emphasises Daida as the one who will break the chain of broken promises. Miranjo is still trapped in what appears to be hell’s flames, according to a glimpse.

Miranjo’s relationship with Daida has always been complicated. In the opening theme, Miranjo was the one who influenced and deceived him, but she was also the one who was somewhat parental towards him.

Daida’s kindness to her younger self was instrumental in Miranjo achieving some measure of salvation. One of the more moving aspects of Ousama Ranking will be their reunion after everything has happened.

In addition, Hiling was shown rushing towards the castle in the previous episode. It would be heartwarming for her to see both of her sons, not just Daida.

Following Daida’s understanding of Bojji’s world in Ousama Ranking Episode 11, “Brothers,” his reunion with Bojji will be of interest to viewers.

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