One Piece: Who is Edward Weevil in the anime series?

Edward Weevil is undoubtedly among the most unexpected and monstrously powerful characters to have been introduced to One Piece.

credit: One Piece
By Rohit Kohli | Feb 8, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Edward Weevil is undoubtedly among the most unexpected and monstrously powerful characters to have been introduced to One Piece. He is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. He was introduced in an unexpected manner, wielding a naginata along with a crescent moon-shaped white mustache.

The character looks very similar to the Strongest Man in the World, Edward Newgate, who is also known as Whitebeard. With his mother, Buckingham Stussy, taking charge of guiding his strength, the pair were exploring the seas looking for Whitebeard’s fortune. Weevil is manipulated by his mother into believing that he is the son of Whitebeard and that fortune is his right.

Recently, in One Piece Chapter 1073, Weevil was captured by the Marines after protecting Whitebeard’s home island, Sphinx. Weevil faced defeat at the hands of Admiral Ryokugyu. However, after CP0 Agent Stussy’s introduction as a clone created by Vegapunk of the former Rocks Pirate, the possibility of Weevil being Whitebeard’s son increased significantly.

While earlier it was taken as a joke that Weevil could be the trueborn son of a great pirate, recent developments of the story have made Buckingham’s claims sound true.

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Is Whitebead really Weevil’s father?

Weevil’s arsenal and his facial hair were never considered solid evidence for his claim. While anyone can use a naginata and start swinging it, the mustache came across as a fake. Apart from the character’s great strength, there wasn’t much going in favor of Weevil to consider him as the trueborn son of Whitebeard.

One Piece has now revealed that Buckingham Stussy is really a member of the Rocks Pirates and is shown to be an alluring character. This makes it even more believable that Whitebeard found her attractive in his younger and adventurous days. While romance isn’t a major part of One Piece’s storyline, but all the world’s characters had to spawn from somewhere.

When we take the timeline of the anime into account, Weevil is currently 35 years old and the Rocks Pirates were taken down by Monkey D. Garp and Gol D. Roger and disbanded 38 years before the story’s beginning.

This could also mean if WHitebeard and Stussy had decided to have a romantic relationship, it would have occurred after the Rocks Pirates met their conclusion. As of now, not much is known about what those crew members did directly after the Battle at God Valley.

But it could be true that Whitebeard and Stussy might have been stuck together for a time before Whitebeard formed his own squad. Whatever might be the case, fans are eagerly waiting for One Piece makers to come up with a storyline that takes the wraps off the questions and puts all speculations to rest. One Piece has been among the most popular anime series and has never disappointed fans with its storylines. Let’s hope, that’s the case with Weevil’s story.

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