One Piece Manga Chapter 1072: The Weight of Memory

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Eiichiro Oda is the author of the popular Japanese comic series One Piece. One of the most well-known mangas is “One Piece” by Eiichiro Oda. Since July 1997, it has been serialised in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. Monkey D. Luffy, a young boy whose accidental eating of a Devil Fruit transformed him into rubber, serves as the story’s main character. On January 23, One Piece’s Chapter 1072, the most recent and exciting chapter, will be released. One Piece Manga Chapter 1072: The Weight of Memory

Overview of One Piece Manga Chapter 1072

In the starting of episode, Jewelry Bonney transforms like a child and starts weeping. since she shattered something. Dr. Vegapunk approaches her out of concern and begs for help, but this turns out to be a trap set by Bonney; as soon as Vegapunk gets close enough, Bonney uses the special move “Distorted Future” to transform her appearance to look muscular and tries to assault Vegapunk with a pipe. As Vegapunk begs her to spare him, she misses again, but she then uses another move called Age Skewer, and this time, she hits Vegapunk. As a result, Vegapunk’s age is figuratively knocked out of him and takes on several forms, while Vegapunk’s own age regresses to that of an infant.

The scientist is picked up by Bonney, who explains that her abilities do not have a lasting impact on living beings. However, she now demands that he explain why he stole Bartholomew Kuma’s personality from him. Vegapunktell warns her that the truth will only make matters worse if he does tell her. Additionally, he informs her that he made a pledge to Kuma to never reveal his secret to her. As he finishes speaking, Kuma himself begins to ascend the Red Line. Even after being shot off, he keeps fighting back against the Marines.

When Vegapunk claims that Kuma voluntarily put up his humanity, Bonney finds it difficult to trust him. Despite her best efforts, he will not provide any further information about his “secret.” After that, Bonney notices a huge door with a bear paw print on it and assumes it belongs to Kuma. She ages the lock to open the door and discovers a massive bubble in the shape of a paw. This makes Vegapunk reminisce about the time he spent with Kuma and how he had told him a tale about a West Blue scientist who had proposed that a person loses 21 grammes of weight after passing away, implying that the lost weight is actually the person’s soul. 

The story interested him, and he now wonders if memories and imagination have mass and volume as well. He plans to use Kuma’s Nikyu Nikyu no Mi abilities to assist prove this because they allow him to give abstract ideas a physical form and even transmit them to other people. Naturally, Kuma inferred that Vegapunk desires Kuma’s memories, and although initially he resisted, it appears that he eventually caved. Vegapunk urges Bonney not to touch the bubble in the present, describing it as nothing more than agony potent enough to kill. However, Bonney informs Vegapunk that she is well acquainted with her father’s abilities and that what she is seeing are his memories.

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Usopp assures Nami that even if the battle is 2v3, they will be OK as long as Zoro and Brook are protecting the Thousand Sunny. Nami is panicking on the Labophase because Rob Lucci was able to infiltrate the facility. That is, however, before Shaka notes that the Seraphim have jumped in, making the conflict 2v7. Shaka reveals to the Straw Hats that the Seraphim have a limited capacity for independent thought, and that is likely why they are supporting CP0 on the Labophase even if they have not been directed to do so by them. This is good news for the Straw Hats since it means that they can regain power if Vegapunk’s Satellites can give them a command because their authority exceeds both CP0’s and Sentomaru’s. Sanji and Franky take off to support Edison and Lilith as they go to try to reclaim control.

While Brook keeps watch over the Thousand Sunny, Zoro and Brook see Kaku in his Awakened condition, but Zoro is sure that he can manage the situation. Kaku uses a technique known as Kyoku Bigan “Kirimanjaro” in which he spins his neck while shooting his nose at Zoro. But Zoro repels his head and blocks the blow. The Seraphim start destroying the Labophase when Lucci commands them to do so before Vegapunk shows up.

Stussy suddenly bit Kaku’s neck, putting him to sleep. Stussy tells Lucci that she will also be putting him to sleep as big bat wings appear on her back, leaving Lucci perplexed by her antics. Stussy was discovered to be a clone of Miss Buckingham Stussy, a member of the Rocks Pirates and the first MADS clone to be a complete success.

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