ONE PIECE Manga Chapter 1070 Explain

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The creator of the Japanese manga series One Piece is Eiichiro Oda. “One Piece” by Eiichiro Oda is one of the most popular manga. It has been serialised in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump since July 1997. The protagonist of this story is Monkey D. Luffy, a child who unintentionally ate a Devil Fruit and turned his body into rubber. The most recent and exciting chapter of One Piece, Chapter 1070, is released on 12 December. ONE PIECE Manga Chapter 1070 Explain

ONE PIECE Manga Chapter 1070 : The Strongest Form of Humanity

Sentomaru is distracted, so Luffy rushes over to him and offers his apologies. Sentomaru, however, claims to have seen Lucci’s attack coming but was unable to react in time to stop it. Sentomaru is informed by Lucci that he must leave the scene if CP0 is to assume control of the Seraphim. He tries to attack him again, but Luffy intercepts him, turning around and using a move he calls Gomu Gomu no Dawn Whip to slam Lucci into a wall far away.

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However, Luffy ends up spinning himself so hard that he is unable to stop himself from doing so, and he even mistakenly heads away from his crew. Jinbe calls to Luffy and informs him that they must travel to the real Vegapunk in order to save Atlas. While this is happening, CP0 is being pushed back by the Seraphim, who, according to Kaku, are unstoppable and would still consider a victory even if they were to annihilate them. Stussy even adds that the fact that the Seraphim are still infants makes it all the more horrifying.

Franky queries Vegapunk about if Senor Pink is now dead because there can never be two users of the same Devil Fruit at once if S-Shark is indeed consuming the Sui Sui no Mi that Senor Pink consumed. Franky inquires as to whether Vegapunk replicated his Devil Fruit when Vegapunk informs him that Senor Pink is actually alive and imprisoned in Impel Down. In order to differentiate his reproduction technique from Caesar Clown’s SMILE production, Vegapunk makes it clear that he can only produce Zoan Devil Fruits. Additionally, he claims that if given infinite resources, he could recreate even the unique varieties of Zoan fruits, albeit he is unsure of his ability to cause them to awaken. He claims that while attempting to recreate Logia fruits, he discovered that it was incredibly challenging. He discovered a different way to duplicate the abilities of Paramecia fruits, though, by creating blood from the Lineage Factor of a Paramecia user. This “Green Blood” is currently flowing through S-Shark, S-Bear, and S-Snake, enabling the latter two to use the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi and Mero Mero no Mi, respectively. The Seraphim, according to Vegapunk, are the culmination of all of his theories and may go down in history as the most potent beings to have ever existed. Usopp is terrified by the nature of what Vegapunk has just created, and Sanji and Robin even add that they see the Seraphim as a threat to them, leaving Franky speechless as Nami realises that this was the reason the Seven Warlords of the Sea had been abolished.

Although Luffy once more intercepts him and tries to attack him, Lucci recovers and charges towards Sentomaru down in Fabriophase. Lucci avoids him, as Luffy fires the debris he just chomped down on at him. Lucci either tries to avoid or destroy it. Then, in a manoeuvre he calls Gomu Gomu no Dawn Rocket, Luffy backs up into a pipe that he turns rubber before shooting himself at Lucci at breakneck speed and striking him in the chest. Lucci takes off again as he declares Luffy’s Devil Fruit to be unbelievably potent and that he is beginning to lose consciousness. S-Snake then points Chopper and Jinbe in the direction of the Vacuum Rocket, which will transport them to Labophase. Thanking her, Jinbe remarks that it Jinbe thanks her and says that it is nice to see a kind version of Boa Hancock for a change, though S-Snake claims she was only following orders.

Chopper appeals to Luffy once more as the Vacuum Rocket is about to take off with just one minute left. Sentomaru pledges to aid Luffy in escaping and informs him that he trusts Vegapunk with him and his crew. Luffy then turns back into himself and moves toward the rocket. Jewelry Bonney is eventually awakened by the rocket’s speed because they arrive in only 32 seconds. All the researchers are then instructed to barricade themselves until the intruders have been dealt with when the rocket is shut off and the Frontier Dome is fortified. Sentomaru eventually falls unconscious, allowing CP0 to control the Seraphim. Lucci claims it will take too long despite Stussy’s suggestion that they wait for the Marines. All they can do now is block the exits to ensure that neither Vegapunk nor the Straw Hat Pirates escape.

When Nami inquires about the Straw Hats, Vegapunk responds that the World Government fears he would use his enormous intellect against them even though he has never had such ambitions. Nami then questions why the World Government wants Vegapunk dead if he is such a great ally to them. Usopp and Franky, in particular Franky, are overjoyed at the prospect of Vegapunk inspecting their ship, so they decide to grant Vegapunk access. As Bonney heads off to confront Vegapunk once more with the threat of killing him if he cannot restore her father to normal, Luffy’s group manages to locate a location to treat Atlas.

With a fleet of warships, Kizaru travels to Egghead from out at sea. Theoretically, he claims, the Straw Hats and Vegapunk working together will allow for a simple escape, but he does not intend for this to be the case.

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