ONE PIECE Manga Chapter 1069 Explain

The most recent and exciting chapter of One Piece, Chapter 1068, is released on 5 December

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The creator of the Japanese manga series One Piece is Eiichiro Oda. “One Piece” by Eiichiro Oda is one of the most popular manga. It has been serialised in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump since July 1997. The protagonist of this story is Monkey D. Luffy, a child who unintentionally ate a Devil Fruit and turned his body into rubber. The most recent and exciting chapter of One Piece, Chapter 1068, is released on 5 December. ONE PIECE Manga Chapter 1069 Explain

ONE PIECE Manga Chapter 1069 : All Things Are Brought Into This World With Hope

After seeing Atlas fall to Rob Lucci, whom Chopper remembers, all of the researchers flee. Lucci’s attack makes Jinbe realise that CP0 has come to kill Dr. Vegapunk, but Luffy questions Lucci about his presence. Chopper informs Luffy that Egghead is still under World Government jurisdiction, and Lucci agrees. Kaku expresses his displeasure at seeing the Straw Hat Pirates and Jewelry Bonney again, but he informs Lucci that because Luffy is now an Emperor, he cannot engage him in combat without permission, which Stussy agrees with, and Luffy instead has his presence reported to headquarters.

Luffy runs over to the downed Atlas in shock after leaving Bonney in Jinbe’s care and asks Chopper to tend to her, which he does, but he later states that Franky may be better suited to dealing with the likes of her. Lucci advises Luffy to stay out of Government matters, but Luffy responds that Atlas has been kind to him and his group.

Sakazuki is informed at Marine Headquarters that the Straw Hat Pirates are on Egghead, which leads him to wonder if Vegapunk summoned them because he expected them to come after him. When he learns that Kizaru is already on his way to Egghead, he orders Lucci not to engage the Straw Hat Pirates at any cost. Unfortunately for him, Lucci begins fighting Luffy because he is terrified of his power. As Vegapunk’s other Satellites and the Straw Hat Pirates watch the fight from Labophase, everyone tries to take cover from their duel. Shaka explains that Lucci has awoken his Devil Fruit, and that occasionally it can radically strip the user of their individuality. This is why Lucci refused to wait until gaining permission to combat Luffy. They note that Lucci looks different now.

When Luffy had also entered his awakened form, Dr. Vegapunk asked the crew if they knew what Luffy’s new form was called. He then reappeared behind his Satellites and the Straw Hats. To Nami’s surprise, Vegapunk informs her that the name does not exist in the Ancient Devil Fruit Encyclopedia when she claims she does not know and believes it to be a simple component of the Gomu Gomu no Mi. Sanji finds it hard to believe when Vegapunk informs the team that Luffy looks like an old god as they observe. The Sun God Nika, according to Vegapunk, is the “Warrior of Liberation,” the one who is constantly fun and makes people smile. Nami acknowledges that she has never heard of the name before, which Vegapunk claims is because it was wiped out of history. However, he maintains that if people crave for it, then it will always exist.

According to Vegapunk, Devil Fruits are in the same situation as “the desires of all things are born in the world.” He tells the group that the sea, which he refers to as the “mother of all nature,” prevents Devil Fruit users from swimming because it views these aspirations to transcend the world people wish to live in as “abnormalities”. He claims that Devil Fruits are the embodiment of what people wish they could become. The Straw Hat group is utterly floored by his theory.

In their awakened forms, Lucci and Luffy engaged in combat that was strikingly reminiscent to Luffy’s clash with Kaidou during Vegapunk’s speech. However, Sentomaru shows up as they are engaged in combat and queries Vegapunk as to what he should do given that he thinks CP0 is supposed to be their allies. Sentomaru objects to the idea of driving them away from Egghead because that would make him a traitor as well. Vegapunk explains that they have come to kill him and asks if he can drive them away from Egghead. Sentomaru is then informed by Vegapunk that he once saved him from poverty and that it is now up to him to take care of himself. Sentomaru ultimately decides to strike back against CP0.

Kaku tries to order S-Bear to kill Sentomaru when he arrives with S-Shark, S-Snake, and S-Hawk. Stussy objects and is proven right when Sentomaru takes control of S-Bear and orders it to attack CP0. According to Stussy, the Seraphims follow a different system of authority than Pacifistas, where the Five Elders hold the highest authority, followed by Vegapunk and his Satellites, Sentomaru, and anyone else at the bottom. However, with a Seraphim, not even the Five Elders can command them over a Den Den Mushi. Kaku continues, “Seraphims are a great value to the World Government, so they can’t be destroyed. I detest Lucci for seemingly not understanding this.”

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While Sentomaru gives the order for S-Snake to use “Vacuum Rocket” to lead the Straw Hat Pirates to the Frontier Dome and gives the order for S-Hawk and S-Shark to repel CP0, Luffy uses an attack called Gomu Gomu no Mogura Pistol that causes him to stretch his fist into the ground and redirect it up to Lucci’s chest to hurt him. When Jinbe sees the Seraphims, he is shocked to learn that the former Seven Warlords of the Sea have been cloned. Chopper also notices the Seraphims. Sentomaru approaches Luffy and inquires about his intention to remove Vegapunk from the island. Luffy replies that he will do so. As Sentomaru collapses after being stabbed by Lucci with Shugan at that same moment, Lucci declares that all they need to do is destroy the “control tower.”

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