One Piece Chapter 1050 Raw Scan Leaked Online, Fate Of Kaido Seen, Is He Where He Belongs?

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One Piece Chapter 1050 was going to be all about the outcome of the fight between Luffy and Kaido. Not just that, it was also supposed to decide the fate of Luffy and Straw Hat. Is Luffy going to be the new Pirate King? The blow he served the strongest one on Earth surely predicts that. Defeating Kaido would mean that Luffy has all it takes to lead the Straw Hats. One Piece Chapter 1050 Raw Scan Leaked Online, Fate Of Kaido Seen, Is He Where He Belongs?

One Piece Chapter 1050 Raw Scan Leaked Online, Fate Of Kaido Seen, Is He Where He Belongs?

Chapter 1050 is named Glory, and Orojapan1 is credited to the Twitter Leaks since he is the one to have released the pointers to what can be expected from this Chapter. Orojapan1 begin by describing the cover of the new chapter and tells that Reiju and Ichiji have come to help Niji and Yonji. He just doesn’t stick to the cover, he also gives insight to Kaido’s fate, Toko and Yasuie flashback and who finally announces Luffy’s victory against Kaido.

Kaido Is Where He Belongs

Not to be a spoiler to the party but Kaido is definitely where he belongs since he has fallen into the Magma. What is more shocking is that Big Mom is also there after she had taken the big fall. The punch that was blown on him via Luffy and his Bajrang Gun is the orchestrator of the rhythmic fall into the deep crater. Big Mom had also taken this fall with him about 11 chapters back and people had forgotten about her. Talk about completing a full circle, Oda.

Nekomamushi announces Luffy’s victory to all of Onigashima

This also marks the end of the Onigashima raid. Now that Kaido has fallen and Luffy has emerged victorious, who is going to announce that? For a while, the audience had thought that it would be the narrator who would do the honours, but it was Nekomamushi who have out the news to the people of Onigashima. While it was much needed, more light on this is only going to come out when the actual chapter comes to publication. It is best to just wait it out since the chapter is just a few days away. Go on to read the full One Piece Schedule For May and June here.

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One Piece Chapter 1050 Raw Scan: Will there be a Rise Of Kaido?

This is not just the first time when a antagonist has such a huge fan base or do people just want One Piece to just go on? Maybe both, But having survived ll attacks kaido has taken– (Kinemon) Stab into his torso. (Kiku) stab through his hand, (Denjiro) stab into his torso, (Neko) tried breaking his forearm, (Raizo) attempt to cut off head, (Scabbards) Combined COA haki attack [crash through the floor] and now Luffy, people just can’t get enough.

Not just that, there is another school of thought that believes Luffy is undeserving and he has not struggled enough to lead the Straw Hats. Well, he has been knocked out multiple times, thrown off a floating island into the ocean, DIED, impaled, burnt, cut and more. Luffy deserves this victory, if he is actually getting that or does Oda have something else in mind? What is the thought process that is running in Kaido’s head as he falls into the magma? All of this could be addressed in Chapters to come.

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