Ocean Sharma, an Indian Esports Prodigy, Joins Velocity Gaming as a Content Creator

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For the Indian esports group Velocity Gaming, Ocean Sharma, a well-known esports performer, has taken on the role of the content developer. As part of Velocity Gaming, he will collaborate with other content producers to create content for the company. In a six-minute video posted to its YouTube page and social media accounts, the organisation made this announcement. In the gaming world of India, Ocean Sharma is well-known. He began his gaming career by making instructional films for users on how to play PUBG Mobile better and analysing professional PUBG Mobile competitive matches on his YouTube channel. With Battle Adda II – Battle of Indian Streamers, he began his acting career. He has been casting ever then in practically every official Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and PUBG Mobile competition.

With a six-minute video, Velocity Gaming introduces and reveals Ocean

In a six-minute introduction video, Velocity Gaming featured Ocean and Asish “LORD BATHURA,” another content creator. Ocean has joined Velocity Gaming as a content creator, though the video doesn’t specify what position she will hold inside the company. However, it does show LORD BATHURA viewing news coverage of Manoj “Sentinel,” the company’s owner, adding new staff members to their content team.

Ocean worked as a BGMI analyst and content producer for Skylightz Gaming since January 2022 before joining Velocity Gaming. He worked as an analyst for the BGMI roster of the well-known Indian esports league GodLike Esports before that. He has additionally coached Orange Rock.

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Velocity Gaming, on the other hand, is more focused on valiant esports. It signed a Valorant roster just months after Riot Games released Valorant globally, making it one of the first Indian esports organisations to play in Valorant. The action was taken in response to the Indian government’s blocking of BGMI, which led many content producers to turn to Valorant for fresh ideas. Ocean, who is well-known for his BGMI-focused programming, has been producing inspiring material for his YouTube channel as well. The relationship between Ocean and Velocity Gaming as they work together to produce fresh and innovative content is highly anticipated by fans of both companies.

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