New UK esports organisation Fourth Wall has been revealed as being founded by former X7 employees and organisation owners

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The founders of London Esports, Bulldog Esports, and Absolved have formed a new UK esports organisation called Fourth Wall with the goal of bringing the esports scene together in the country. Additionally, they are members of the former management team of the recently shuttered X7 Esports. New UK esports organisation Fourth Wall has been revealed as being founded by former X7 employees and organisation owners.

The members of the Fourth Wall crew are as follows:

• Alfie Wright, the founder/CEO of London Esports and the manager of the Socios esports partnership, later joined X7 as COO.

• Tony “Newts” Newton, head of operations and founder of Bulldog Esports, who was appointed director of esports by X7 when Bulldog Esports was acquired by X7

• After X7 acquired Absolved, Robin “Robinho” Cheng, the team’s manager, was appointed to lead League of Legends.

• Oldboy Lynch, a former team manager with the X7 academy

The four will develop the Fourth Wall team over the next weeks and months and take on similar positions at Fourth Wall to those they shared at X7. Fourth Wall will use the rebranded London Esports social media channels to play in League of Legends NLC Division 2.

In terms of branding, Fourth Wall’s logo steers clear of the normal esports organisations’ use of black and other dark hues, opting instead for a cheerful, pastel palette that will appeal to a wider audience. Following on from the old proving grounds that London Esports used to provide, the brand’s goal is to be more community-centric. As many as two events may be hosted each week to engage with the community. With a live crowd, casters, and hosts present, Fourth Wall intends to regularly produce their games in East London.

While the initial events’ dates and locations have yet to be determined, Fourth Wall hopes to add panels, prizes, and other elements to make them seem more like a home game. The Fourth Wall players won’t appear on every occasion.

The reasoning behind Fourth Wall’s establishment was that “UK LoL is at its most desperate point—take let’s a look at it.”

Alfie Wright, the CEO of Fourth Wall, was interviewed by Esports News UK editor Dom Sacco regarding the brand-new company. When it comes to player sales and the players they brought on board, Alfie remarked, “I think there’s a lot of validity to what X7 has done in UK League.” It’s difficult to reconcile your professional life with esports, so I was asked to join and steady the ship because there wasn’t much structure there. This is common across organisations. Therefore, I joined the team to add structure, and I also brought Meg Sunshine on board to help the team look for business prospects, which we did quite effectively, but not quickly enough.

I spoke with Newts, Robin, and Nile after X7 shut down. I’ve accomplished my goal, like everyone else in this field, by working for Socios in the esports business. It would be simple for me to say, “I have an esports job and can move away,” but after talking to Newts, we felt that our work wasn’t over. We have too many connections, ideas, and ambitions to ignore the need for assistance. Since I’ve been involved in esports, LoL in the UK is likely at its most dire moment due to NLC losing its accreditation and other issues. So let’s try our hand at it.

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“We had players at Fnatic like Mezii. Look at the players who joined us in the UKEL at the age of 15, such as Soulcas, L1NK, Ardis, and NoName. As an example, Middlecott, who began his maiden cast in our proving grounds and later became well-known in the UK, is one of the non-players who contribute. For instance, Middlecott was recommended to us by Josh Mulgrew, who managed London Esports for a while. During his time with British Esports, Jonas Kontautas worked with us on various projects. With us, Matthew Watson began his career in performance coaching. If we can develop brands to assist us in doing that—as well as continue doing what we were already doing—then I’m happy.

In essence, that is why we returned. Let’s attempt it once more, hopefully with greater success. With the concept of a live performance, we’ll be assisting a great number of people with their initial productions and castings. More of that sort of thing is what we want to do, along with helping the community at large, as well as casters, players, staff, and fans, and upending the system. Alfie said that he will balance Fourth Wall with his full-time position with Socios, a company that offers blockchain fan tokens for esports and sports.

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