New TH9 Mass Hog Riders Attack Strategy in Clash of Clans

This attack strategy is the thinking of the writer, the player can change the troops and Spell according to his own.

By Naman Alok | Jan 6, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


We will now cover the attack strategy for Town Hall 10 and how to obtain three stars on Th10 with the new and unique army composition in Clash of Clans. Zap Witch, Queen Charge Hybrid, and Blizzard Attack Strategy will all be covered in more detail. In Clash of Clans, assisting ground troops to destroy an opponent base’s core with high damage defences like the Inferno tower, Eagle Artillery, and other units is the greatest approach to use offensive strategies. It is possible to combine a ground troop attack with other well-liked offensive troop strategies, such as cavalry and mining players. However, the “Ground army attack,” in which a large army of Mass Hog Riders is strongest in conjunction with Healing spells, is one of the strongest attack strategies for Town Hall 9 bases. New TH9 Mass Hog Riders Attack Strategy in Clash of Clans

Mass Hog Riders Attack Strategy On Town Hall 9 in Clash of Clans 

It is a highly offensive strategy that destroys town hall 9 bases in clan wars and multiplayer raids. Players use it in multiplayer battles to level up the title leaderboards and reach League of Legends.

Hog Rider is a fast ground troop with medium hit points, low damage, and the ability to jump over enemy Walls. His ride is a large hog, about half his height. It has a brown leather bridle looped around its tusks, which in turn is held by the Hog Rider. He can be used to jump over any level Walls, rendering them ineffective against Hog Riders.

The army structure of the town hall 9 attack strategy is as follows:

• 23 Hog Riders 

• 4 Healer  

• 3 Giants

• 7 Wall breaker 

• 3 Wizard 

• 8 Archer  

• 1 Rage spells

• 3 Healing Spells

• 1 Poison Spell

• CC Troops ( 1 Electro dragon + 1 Invisible spells) 

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How to use this attack strategy in clash of clans?

Depending on the enemy base, players will understand the army structure and attack strategy and apply it in combat engagements, but it is better to practise attack strategy in multiplayer fights before implementing it. Here are the steps to use this strategy in the game:

• First deploy the Queen with healers in a corner. Keep in mind that the queen charge deploys only on the side of high defences.

• Now with the help of the wall breaker, we will send the queen to the centre of the base. For this, you can also use the wizard. So that the queen does not go the wrong direction.

• After that, deploy all hog riders from a side of the base.

• When all hogs enter the base, Rage spells and Healing will drop on the troops. Poison spells drop on the cc troops.

Finally, this army strategy in Clash of Clans that can be used in both multiplayer and clan warfare.

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