New State Mobile latest update allows Players to revive teammates faster

The 10 seconds it takes to restore a knocked ally in the middle of a fast-paced and furious battle could be the difference between winning and losing. However, the new Unity feature, which was launched in Patch 0.9.24, allows teams to quickly resurrect or recall a player.

New State Mobile latest update allows players to revive teammates faster

Players can use this function to resurrect an ally by working together to speed up the time. The following is the time reduction:

  • Normal revive/recall by one player: 10 seconds
  • Two teammates helping to revive/recruit: Six seconds
  • Three teammates helping to revive/recruit: Four seconds

With this new feature, players can reduce the time it takes to revive by up to six seconds. However, you must use caution when doing so. Reviving a single player with three teammates might be risky because they become easy targets.

Aside from that, players can now transfer their revive to another teammate without losing their progress.

Patch 0.9.24 for New State was published a few days ago, and it brought a slew of new features to the game. Arena, a round-based deathmatch mode, as well as two new weapons, are included.

Krafton was aware of a mistake in the recent patch where the Nightcrawler Jacket costume is presented as the Angelic Nightcrawler Jacket, according to the New State Mobile official website.

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