New Livik map in BGMI 2.0 update: Features, Look, Vehicle And More

Livik map has been under development for about two years, which means it started even before BGMI was released. The final version of the map was also teased in the PUBG Mobile 2.0 beta version, when Livik was spotted. With the May update, the map was added to PUBG Mobile after the beta version. Indian players and fans may acquire the final version of Livik via the BGMI 2.0 upgrade, in addition to the worldwide variation. The game’s small-scale original Battle Royale map has also included a number of unique elements aimed at increasing the excitement of the battlefield while still allowing for relatively quick battles. New Livik map in BGMI 2.0 update: Features, Look, Vehicle And More

New Livik map in BGMI 2.0 update: Features, Look, Vehicle

Livik is now available in Battlegrounds Mobile India, and players may try it out after upgrading their game. In both Ranked and Unranked, they may find the new map. In the following days, the Evangelion Collaboration is also expected to release a themed mode for Livik called Core Circle.

The following are all of the details for the new Livik map in Battlegrounds Mobile India:

Livik, along with Karakin, is the smallest map in BGMI, measuring 2KM by 2KM. As a result, the zone goes quicker, and matches in Livik are completed much faster. Livik has the most diverse topography in terms of forms and buildings, but being the smallest in terms of area. Urban areas and abandoned commercial structures, similar to those seen in Erangel, may be discovered.

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Livik’s landscape is also incredibly diverse due to the presence of additional elements such as snowy mountains and a volcano. However, unlike Erangel’s residences, the new Battlegrounds Mobile India map lacks numerous buildings. Players must download the Livik map after upgrading Battlegrounds Mobile India to enjoy the following special features:

  • UTV (unique to Livik) – A four-seat all-terrain compact vehicle that sprouted in various spots across Livik.
  • Supply Shops – Supply Shops are located around the game and give treasure such as weapons and accessories in return for supply tokens.
  • XT weapon upgrade kits are available from supply shops and may be used to upgrade base firearms to their XT versions.
  • Airdrop markers – On the minimap, the locations where airdrops land in Livik will be indicated.
  • Livik will allow users to interact with interactive features like as Herbs, Ziplines, Football Zone, car ramp challenges, and more.
  • Advanced Supply Zones – In Livik, certain spots with high-quality treasure will be identified as Advanced Supply Zones on the minimap.
  • Recall Towers – Using a Recall Tower highlighted on Livik’s Minimap, users will be able to resurrect their fallen friends.

After upgrading the app and downloading the resource packages, gamers will discover many more capabilities in BGMI 2.0’s Livik.

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