New BGMI BMPS 2022 Week 2 Schedule, Start Date, Map Order, Teams, Live Stream Details

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The League stage of BGMI Tournament, BMPS is currently going on. Week 1 of BMPS just came to an end. The top 24 teams from there are now competing to make it to the top 16 and making it to the BMPS Grand Finals. Week 2 is going to start on 26 May as Week 1 ended on 22nd, and players are taking time to re strategise and do a bit of homework and study other teams. Week 1 saw Team Soul performing exceptionally well with Goblin taking as many as 53 frags. Second to them is OR Esports, who at one point in time came extremely close to taking the first spot but Soul prevailed. If you want to read more about team OR Esports’ performance and an analysis of how they performed, click here. New BGMI BMPS 2022 Week 2 Schedule Start Date, Map Order, Teams, Live Stream Details

New BGMI BMPS 2022 Week 2 Schedule, Start Date, Map Order, Teams, Live Stream Details

Week 2 is going to start with the same intensity with the teams that are in danger will try to come up the points ladder. Currently, most seasoned team, Team XO is in danger zone and will look forward to Week 2 as the week for redemption. Teams that are second and third to SouL will try and dethrone them to gain the spot. If you want to read about how Nigma Galaxy reached the third place, click on this link.

BMPS 2022 Map Order

The new map order is yet to be revealed officially since the new map of Vikendi is added to the line up of maps. The map order that we will see from May 26 would be something like this– Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok or Vikendi, Erangel, Miramar and then finally Erangel. As far as the groups are concerned, they are likely to remain the same and there won’t be any shuffling. Here is a run down of which team is present in which group to refresh your memory.

Group A

  • Global Esports
  • Team INS
  • GOG Esports
  • Autobotz
  • Retribution RTR
  • WSF Esports
  • Enigma Gaming
  • Hydra Esports

Group B

  • OR Esports
  • Blind Esports
  • Nigma Galaxy
  • Walkouts
  • ACBC
  • Initiative Academy
  • Big Brother Esports
  • Marcos Gaming

Group C

  • Team Soul
  • Hyderabad Hydras
  • Kinetic
  • R Esports
  • FS Esports
  • 7Sea Esports
  • Team XO
  • UP50

BMPS 2022 Live Stream Schedule

As it happened for week 1, the BMPS live stream will take place on Battlegrounds Mobile India’s YouTube channel and on their Esports channel. Along with that, it will also be streamed on Loco.

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