My Hero Academia Chapter 353 Raw Scans and spoilers: Shoto vs Dabi comes to an end, a new villian has come up now

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Because of the Dabi vs Shoto fight, My Hero Academia Chapter 353 is one of the most anticipated chapters in the Final Arc. Today’s spoilers reveal that, while the outcome of the fight has been revealed, it is not as detailed as fans had hoped. This led readers to believe that there was more to the two brothers’ interaction. Chapter 353 of My Hero Academia also shifts the focus to other battlefields and introduces some previously unknown villains. This chapter also includes glimpses into ongoing battles and the return of Spinner. My Hero Academia Chapter 353 Raw Scans and spoilers: Shoto vs Dabi comes to an end, a new villian has come up now

My Hero Academia Chapter 353 Raw Scans: Shoto vs Dabi comes to an end, Spinner has made a return

Shoto mentioned in the previous chapter how Class A has always given him encouragement and a sense of security. Shoto used his ultimate move, “Great Glacial Aegir,” to freeze the entire landscape, including the two of them, in order to help his brother achieve the same sense of belonging. “Endeavor” is the title of My Hero Academia chapter 353.

My Hero Academia chapter 353 raw scan and spoilers

Dabi and Shoto are still conscious as My Hero Academia Chapter 353 begins with them leaning on each other. Burnin’ informs everyone in Kamino that Dabi has been apprehended. The heroes prepare to fight the remaining Nomu, thankful that they did not have to deal with Kuneida or Gashly, two dangerous Tartarus escapees. All Might declares Shoto’s victory to all battlefields, believing that, despite a false start, they are finally on track. My Hero Academia Chapter 353 continues to depict the reaction of Shoto’s allies to this news, with Bakugo remarking that it was to be expected. Sero, Satou, Tsuburuba, and Ojiro are seen fighting someone unknown in a new location, Takoba National Stadium, as they hear the news.

Ashido, Mineta, Kodai, Yanagi, and Honenuki are assisting Mount Lady in her fight against the villains in the ruins of Jaku Hospital. Gigantomachia is also imprisoned there, as is the villain who murdered Midnight. Kirishima appears next to Mina and reports that the evacuation has been completed successfully. As they face Kuneida in the parking lot, Aoyama and Fat Gum are surrounded by flowers. Kuneida deduces that the villains were separated based on their compatibility with their respective heroes and that those who fit nowhere were left in the parking lot. He is revealed to be the newest hired gun following Dictator and warns Aoyama that every villain out there will almost certainly try to kill him for his betrayal.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 353 takes place at Central Hospital, where Present Mic and Shoji are attempting to defeat a massive Spinner. Shoji is relieved that Shoto has triumphed, whereas Spinner refuses to believe that someone as determined as Dabi can fail. He recalls Dabi declining AFO’s offer of a new Quirk, while Spinner succumbed to temptation. Spinner is seen commanding all of the PLF’s mutant soldiers. Back in Kamino, Shoto apologises to Iida for going overboard, but is assured that he did well. While Dabi questions how he is still alive, raw scans show that parts of his body are presumably healing, with a silver light in front of his chest.

AFO mocks the flame hero, claiming that he is trying to persuade himself that leaving the fight to his sons was the right decision. The heroes, according to AFO, will lose because they have so much to protect. Several things emerge from his fingers as he extends his hand, including black smoke, fire, and thorns.

What To Expect From MHA 353?

Several predictions made in Chapter 345 about the hero-villain clash came true. Many people predicted that Mina would face the person who killed Midnight, while Mount Lady would face Gigantomachia. Shoji vs. Spinner was also predicted, based on their mutant statuses and respective histories with the Anti-Mutant Cult. Horikoshi’s decision to introduce new villains at this point is unusual, but Kuneida appears to be an interesting villain for Aoyama. It’s unclear what the flowers have to do with his Quirk, but Mirio is likely to be involved because he hasn’t been seen elsewhere. Sero and his group will most likely face the other new villain mentioned, Gashly.

What the device that AFO gave Spinner is supposed to do is still unknown. The theory that Spinner and Dabi were both offered new Quirks by AFO, however, came true. Endeavor and other professional heroes appear to be vastly outmatched. AFO appears unconcerned about Dabi’s defeat, which is most likely due to Dabi not being an integral part of his plan or him knowing that Dabi will recover. The sliver of light on Dabi’s body was the most intriguing part of My Hero Academia Chapter 353 spoilers. The raw scans show that his skin is knitting back together, implying that he is regenerating and will return to the fight.

It’s long been assumed that Dabi has a regenerative flame-based Quirk, dubbed the “Phoenix Quirk” by fans. This should be clearer in the official translation of My Hero Academia Chapter 353.

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