My Hero Academia Chapter 350 Release Date, Spoilers, Series On Break, Dabi's Secret And More

By Aaryanshi Mohan | Apr 1, 2022 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia has been delayed yet again, and the next chapter will be released in the coming week. So, according to the story’s events, Deku is on his way to join the others. Meanwhile, it appears that Ochaco is ready to face Toga on his own. Shigiraki was not seen in the chapter, but it is likely that he will appear in My Hero Academia Chapter 350. Furthermore, the brothers have met. Undoubtedly, Shoto had unanswered questions, which will be addressed in the following chapter. So, here’s everything you need to know about the most recent episode. My Hero Academia Chapter 350 Release Date, Spoilers, Series On Break, Dabi’s Secret And More

My Hero Academia Chapter 350 Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 350 will almost certainly begin with Dabi explaining why he never returned and reconciled with his family. Shoto will finally be able to see the past through Dabi’s eyes. What happens next, however, is very uncertain. Dabi is seen burning away his entire body with what appears to be suicidal intent. It is highly likely that the brothers will fight. However, this means that only one will be able to survive. Is Dabi’s story over? Will Shoto be able to repair his relationship with his brother? The following chapters will provide a succinct explanation of the situation.

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Furthermore, according to the second user of One For All, Deku’s meta-ability should be used only when absolutely necessary. Deku, on the other hand, will not hesitate to use it whenever he wants. As a result, the upcoming chapter is likely to feature Deku testing out his new abilities. Spinner, on the other hand, could have acquired another quirk with the assistance of All For One.

My Hero Academia Chapter 349 Recap

Midoriya began My Hero Academia Chapter 349 by flying above the sea with the help of the Seventh’s float and the Third’s Fa Jin. With such high speed, he discovered himself to be slower than planned. The second user, on the other hand, appeared to be trying to persuade Deku to use his quirk later in the battle. But Deku is opposed to it. Meanwhile, Toga was tired of every hero, so Ochaco challenged her to a duel.

The fight with the dispersed Nomus became visible. Finally, Dabi appeared in battle with Shoto, Endeavor’s two sidekicks, and Ingenium. Endeavor had sent his minions in place of himself, he mocked.

Endeavor had sent his minions in place of himself, he mocked. Shoto, on the other hand, snapped back and concluded that he was there for his brother. Dabi declared that the fight was the result of a disagreement between people with opposing ideologies. Dabi decided to answer all of Shoto’s questions in the chapter’s final panel.

My Hero Academia Chapter 350 Release Date

It will be fascinating to see how the fight between Dabi and Shoto begins. Will it engage in a battle of hottest fire? Will Shoto use his ice ability to counter Dabi’s blaze? So, on April 10, 2022, My Hero Academia Chapter 350 will be released. Viz Media and Manga Plus have the series available. As a result, keep returning to The Anime Daily for more updates.

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