My Hero Academia Chapter 350 Raw Scan: Flashback shows how Toya Todoroki became Dabi

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My Hero Academia Chapter 350 answers readers’ questions about how Toya Todoroki became Dabi after his death. It not only explains how Toya survived after Sekoto Peak, but it also reveals what AFO had planned for Dabi. My Hero Academia Chapter 350 Raw Scan: Flashback shows how Toya Todoroki became Dabi

Today, several panels of raw scans and detailed spoilers from My Hero Academia Chapter 350 were leaked (thanks to Shonen Paradise on Discord). Mangaka Horikoshi appears to have provided his readers with more than they anticipated.

My Hero Academia Chapter 350 Raw Scan: Flashback shows how Toya Todoroki became Dabi

Dabi’s Origin Story and AFO’s plan for him are revealed in My Hero Academia Chapter 350

Deku was shown rushing back to U.A. in the previous chapter after the Second User of OFA warned him not to use his Quirk. This is because OFA appears to have made it volatile.

Back on Okuto Island, Uraraka and Froppy prepared to battle Toga, who had lost faith in everyone. Uraraka also stated that she would do whatever she saw fit.

Dabi confronted Shoto in Kamino, enraged that Endeavor had only sent his sidekicks and youngest son to deal with him. He and Shoto discussed the personal ideals that drove the war before the latter asked his brother why, despite being alive, he didn’t return home.

As a result, Dabi resolved to tell Shoto about his experiences following his alleged death.

Garaki’s flashback

Dr. Garaki begins My Hero Academia Chapter 350 by muttering that they have planted the seeds of hatred in several people. The chapter begins with Dabi and Shoto in Kamino before transitioning into a flashback.

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Toya was rescued by a man in a hat who resembled All for One before he was completely burned out at Sekoto Peak. He awoke at a facility later and was told by a group of unknown children that he had been sleeping for three years.

When a doctor with a sunflower face approached Toya, he noticed that his voice had changed.

The doctor informed Toya that this was his new family, which he refused to accept because he wanted to return home and apologise to his family. However, a voice from an unseen speaker came through and informed him that they had painstakingly restored him by using other people’s skins.

They would have preferred to recruit him when he was at the peak of his abilities, as Toya could no longer use the full force of his flames. They may, however, be able to fully restore him. Toya was reminded of Endeavor by his words.

At the moment, Garaki tells cops that even AFO was unable to break Endeavor’s grip on Toya, and the boy fled after torching the facility.

Toya was one of many children being groomed to take Shigaraki’s place if he failed. Toya told Giran that he knew the doctor saved Dabi when he first brought him to Garaki. Toya went on to say that if he had stayed at the facility, he would have been turned into a Nomu.

Dabi’s flashbacks

My Hero Academia Chapter 350 returns to Kamino, and Dabi informs Shoto that he did return home after escaping the facility.

He had hoped for reconciliation and expected the mood at home to change. He saw his shrine in his home, however, and then saw Endeavor brutally train a young Shoto.

Toya was convinced that he had no place in that house and trained himself to fan his flames. Even though he should not have survived more than a month in his condition, he did so because he despised Endeavor. His skin began to char after a while, but he was no longer in pain.

A later panel shows him praying at his own shrine, and he tells Shoto that Toya Todoroki died and Dabi was born.

Garaki claims that while AFO wanted to control Dabi, his flames could only bring death, so he escaped AFO’s grasp.

My Hero Academia Chapter 350 concludes with Dabi and Shoto preparing to use Flashfire Fist simultaneously. Dabi wishes to harm Endeavor by taking everything from him, but Shoto declares that he will not allow his brother to do so.

My Hero Academia Chapter 350 Spoilers Reddit

My Hero Academia Chapter 350, according to spoilers, does not reveal the complexities of Dabi’s physical transformation. His story, on the other hand, is bound to make readers more sympathetic to his pain and journey.

Toya has been rejected far too many times by Endeavor and the world for him to transform into Dabi.

That does not, however, excuse what he is currently doing. Readers can only hope that Shoto survives his brother’s next attack, as it appears that Horikoshi does not intend for Dabi to live through this war.

Dabi’s character design is becoming more gruesome by the day. At this point, he doesn’t have a single sliver of unburned skin left.

More information about Garaki’s facility will hopefully be revealed later. According to what he told young Toya, the facility conducted several human experiments.

When My Hero Academia Chapter 350 is officially translated, we should learn more about their plans and Toya’s time at the facility.

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