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Mohit “mw1” Wakle, is a well-known Valorant gamer in India. He is a former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who has also represented many teams at the national level. Currently, mw1 is a member of Velocity Gaming and an important member of his team as he is the entry fragger for the team. 

A true underdog in the Indian Valorant fraternity, mw1 started his Esports journey as a CS:GO player with IGN SpawN. He has been a consistent performer throughout Skyesports Valorant League, once he made the switch. He has performed amazingly well in Skyesports Valorant League 2021.

Currently, he’s in the 3rd position on the leaderboard with 900+ kills. Mohit is a Valorant pro, and has garnered some success as a content creator as well. His YouTube channel currently has over 10k subscribers and is steadily gaining followers and subscribers by the day.


2021-12-011st – 2ndThe Esports Club Gauntlet – Season 3 – Regular SeasonVLT7/0$333
2021-11-254thThe Esports Club ShowdownVLT0 : 2$1,000
2021-10-031stThe Esports Club Gauntlet – Season 2VLT3 : 1$5,343
2021-09-185th – 6thThe Esports Club Gauntlet – Season 2 – Regular SeasonVLT5/2$271
2021-08-292ndVALORANT Conquerors ChampionshipVLT2 : 3$8,000
2021-08-011stThe Esports Club Gauntlet – Season 1VLT3 : 2$5,402
2021-07-201stEsports Xo – Invitational CupVLT3 : 0$933
2021-07-151st – 2ndThe Esports Club Gauntlet – Season 1 – Regular SeasonVLT7/0$269
2021-06-222ndLethal Esports Invitational – Season 1VLT2 : 3$809
2021-06-021stSkyesports League 2021Rajasthan3 : 2$8,922


Started his Valorant esports career with Team ChillinWithFriends. He has had a very good journey, after having good and consistent performances in tournaments he is very renowned player in IGC (Indian Gaming Community)

Teammates are: Amaterasu(IGL), Vibhorr(Sentinel), Rite2ace(Initiator), Hellff(Controller)

Net Worth

Profession Esports Player/ Youtuber
Monthly IncomeNot Known 
Net Winning$8,000- $10,000
Money factorsYoutube, Valorant, Promotions

Sportslumo Desk

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