Modern Warfare 2: Who is Ghost in the game?

Call of Duty has offered FPS game fanatics some of the most memorable characters in gaming history.

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Call of Duty has offered FPS game fanatics some of the most memorable characters in gaming history. Modern Warfare introduced the likes of Captain Price and Soap Mactavish, two of the most badass characters any game could feature. Besides, Viktor Resnov was another character from Black Ops which was brought into multiple titles.

However, there’s one character that stands out from all other characters and has the biggest fan base — Lieutenant Simon “Ghost” Riley. He is undoubtedly among the best characters to embrace the gaming world. Any player who has ever played Modern Warfare must be aware of Ghost.

Without uttering a lot of words, Ghost has captivated every single CoD player who played Modern Warfare from 2007 to this day. In this article, we will discuss this beloved character.

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Ghost in Modern Warfare 2

The masked soldier first made his debut in the second Modern Warfare game that was released in 2009. Ghost is a British special forces soldier and has a distinct appearance thanks to his balaclava featuring a white skull mask.

Ghost is an important part of Task Force 141, accompanied by “Soap” MacTavish, Sergeant Kyle “Gaz” Garrick, Captain John Price, and Colonel Alejandro Vargas. He’s been seen on both entries in the franchise. Besides, Ghost has been a character skin in several other Call of Duty games.

People who haven’t played the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 that came out in 2009, might not relate to the following information, and might have spoilers before they try out the game.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Ghost got killed in the 2009 edition of Modern Warfare 2. It was because General Shepherd betrayed him. Both Ghost and Gary Sanderson didn’t take guard which allowed General Shepherd to show his true colors, shooting them both and burning their bodies.

Thankfully, there’s still scope for future games in the popular Modern Warfare franchise that could explore the legend of Ghost. He is a crucial character for the game and players will surely see more of him in the coming entries in the franchise.

How to Invite friends to Modern Warfare 2?

  • First, players need to enter the Hub section in the Social tab.
  • Once done, they are required to click on Your Party and select the Invite Player option.
  • Next, they can select people from their friend list and invite them to Modern Warfare 2.

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