Modern Warfare 2 Ghost: CoD insider claims Ghost spin-off is in works

Simon “Ghost” Riley is among the most popular characters to embrace the video game world.

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Simon “Ghost” Riley is among the most popular characters to embrace the video game world. Now it seems that Infinity Ward might be thinking of a Modern Warfare 2 spin-off. Ghost’s history in Call of Duty is spread across different games. The character first appeared in Modern Warfare 2 (2009) and managed to hit the right chords with fans.

His spotlight has managed to grow bigger since the release of the latest game, and it seems like Infinity Ward could use the situation to its advantage, offering a prequel story many fans have been requesting since the masked assassin walked in as a member of the original Task Force 141.

Ghost spin-off could become a reality

According to a report from insider RalphsValve, Infinity Ward devs have been interested in the spin-off idea even before the latest game launched. It seems like the right time to give players the backstory of their beloved character.

“In conversation with an associate, Modern Warfare 2’s sophomore DLC expansion will expand the Campaign’s story with an intimate, episodic look behind Call of Duty’s more established characters, factions, and new blood,” they said. “Infinity Ward’s approach to single-player content for 2023 was likened to Supermassive Games’ ‘The Dark Pictures anthological series.”

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As mentioned before, if the spin-off becomes a reality, it could come as part of the Year Two continuation of MW2. There’s no word regarding what the game will officially look like but it surely won’t be long before Activision starts spilling the beans on the next chapter of the CoD journey.

Is Modern Warfare 2 coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Unfortunately, the game will not be making its way to Xbox Game Pass. Both Activision Blizzard and Modern Warfare 2 have a marketing partnership with PlayStation and it seems unlikely for that to change. However, there’s no word if it will end up being on Xbox Game Pass some time in the future. But it will not be coming to the service in the near future.

This is probably the last renewal of this partnership, and if the Microsoft purchase moves forward, which would leave a lot of room for the Xbox leads to tap in on the popularity of Game Pass to crack a special deal in the coming days.

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