Mobile Legends (ML) Hero Tier List for January 2023

Every hero in the Mobile Legends (ML) Tier List for January 2023 is ranked from least viable to best in ranked games.

Mobile Legends (ML) Hero Tier List
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Every hero in the Mobile Legends (ML) Tier List for January 2023 is ranked from least viable to best in ranked games. The list shows which heroes are doing well in the current patch cycle. Nevertheless, you have to understand and figure out how to use these heroes to maximize their potential and start winning your matches to climb the rank ladder.This ML tier list for January 2023 is meant to give you an idea of ​​which heroes are performing well in the current meta. How you climb the ranks will be greatly influenced by your playstyle. If you need more information about Mobile Legends (ML) Hero Tier List for January 2023 then read carefully and don’t forget to share with your friends.

Mobile Legends (ML) Hero Tier List for January 2023 :

It is important for the team to be well balanced between engage (tank, assassin, fighter), support, mage and marksman. Using this tier list will help you decide which heroes you should use in Mobile Legend: Bang Bang (MLBB) for each role to improve your chances of winning.

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TierML Heroes
SJoy, Benedetta, Hayabusa
ALancelot, Gusion, Fanny
BSelena, Karina, Natalia
CLing, Saber, Helcurt


Joey is one of the hottest new heroes in MLBB that is shaping the current meta. His mechanics can seem a bit confusing at first, but mastering his style of play allows players to advance in almost all matches.


Since its release, Benedetta has found great success in every meta. His remarkable mobility in the game makes him a popular choice. His flamboyant ability may make most players wary. This is also one of the reasons why she is playing in the professional league.

Best Fighter

TierML Heroes
SLeomord, Balmond, Martis
AHilda, Yu-Zhong, Aldous, Lapu-Lapu, Dyroth, Thamuz
BBane, Masha, Alpha, Ruby, Zilong, Badang, Sun, Phoveus
CChou, Jawhead, Paquito, X-borg, Roger, Argus, Minsithar
DGuinivere, Silvana, Alucard, Terizla, Khaleed


Leonhardt is one of the heroes that recently received a major upgrade in ML. His durability and amazing dueling ability allow him to carry matches and deliver game-changing engagements for his allies.


Balmond currently has one of the strongest junglers in ML. His deadly counter after the Vengeance spell ensures a high chance of scoring key objectives on the map.

Best Mage

TierML Heroes
SValentina, Pharsa, Yve, Esmeralda
AAlice, Harith, Kagura, Lunox, Cecillion, Nana
BVexanna, Eudora, Lou-Yi, Valir, Harley, Kadita, Vale, Chang’e
CAurora, Odette, Zask, Cyclops, Lylia, Gord


Valentina is one of the most flexible magicians in the game due to her ultimate ability. She can copy an enemy hero’s ultimate ability, allowing her to offer more damage to the team during team fights than just bursts.


Esmeralda is one of the most reliable magicians in the game due to her flexibility. She can create tank items and engage enemies or focus magic damage to penetrate enemy shields and execute them with ease.

Best Marksman

TierML Heroes
SWanwan, Lesley, Karrie, Irithel, Melissa, Beatrix
AClaude, Bruno, Moskov, Clint, Popol and Kupa
BHanabi, Granger, Kimmy, Miya, Brody
CYi Sun-Shin, Layla


One of the most mobile shooters in the game. Wanwan can run a short distance for each of her basic attacks. This allows you to set yourself up infinitely with every basic attack. Perfect for dodging skill shots and chasing down enemies trying to escape


Leslie’s novice-friendly mechanics and recent improvements have allowed him to climb to the top of the tier list. Her impressive mobility and invisibility are her prime assets for taking down enemies before they can be spotted or chased down.

Best Support

TierML Heroes
SDiggie, Angela, Faramis
AKaja, Mathilda, Estes, Carmilla


Strategies on how to maximize Diggy’s potential have changed over several patches. However, its core mechanics remain the same. He can move freely while waiting for a response, allowing him to spy on dangerous areas. However, he is more than just food for the enemy team. His abilities can disrupt team battles as well as prevent enemies from running too far.


Rafaela is very strong in ML right now. He is very annoying due to his healing abilities as well as his constant hit damage and crowd control effects.

Best Tank

TierML Heroes
SFredrinn, Lolita, Grock, Atlas, Akai
AFranco, Gloo, Hylos, Gatotkaca, Johnson
BKhufra, Belerick, Baxia, Uranus, Barats
CMinotaur, Tigreal


Fredrin is a hybrid fighter and tank hero who can deal more damage the more hits he takes from enemies. Not only is he tanky enough to survive multiple hits, he can also be dangerous in team fights, forcing enemies to keep an eye on him whenever he’s ready to engage.


Atlas is one of the strongest roaming tanks in the current meta. With the help of the Conceal enchantment in Boots, he can turn invisible and surprise enemies with deadly Link combos to disrupt their formation.

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