Mission 75: Chapter 75 Spy x Family Manga

The series was first serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 2019, and as of 2022, four volumes have been released in Japan.

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“Spy x Family” is a manga series written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. The series was first serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 2019, and as of 2022, four volumes have been released in Japan. The manga is a unique blend of genres, including action, espionage, and supernatural, and follows the story of Twilight, a spy tasked with infiltrating a prestigious school for gifted students to assess a telepathic child named Anya. To do so, he must form a fake family with a legendary psychic assassin named Yor, who is tasked with killing the telepathic child. The unlikely trio forms a complex relationship as they navigate their conflicting missions and unravel the truth behind Anya’s abilities. Mission 75: Chapter 75 Spy x Family Manga

Overview of Spy x Family Manga Chapter 75

A Stella Star ceremony honouring Anya Forger, Becky Blackbell, Damian Desmond, and Bill Watkins is conducted at Eden Academy. Each of these kids received a Stella Star for their valiant efforts during the hijacking situation. Damian, who feels he did nothing to earn his Stella, does not look to be as happy as the rest of the group. Anya is informed by Becky that they are interested in being interviewed by a newspaper, which would potentially make them famous. Henry Henderson clarifies, however, that the interview has been rejected out of concern for the students’ safety and that the school has been told by authorities not to discuss the incident in public. Henry is yet astounded that not a single child was hurt and they managed to survive the hijacking.

The relieved kids are let out of the bus after the arrest of the Billy Squire and Red Circus members. Damian gets his collar bomb taken off when getting off the bus, but he insists that he is not afraid of it. The SSS Captain agrees to lift the information blackout once all captives have been located. The police chief instructs a teacher to get in touch with the parents of the students so they can come pick up their children because the police will need to see them later for more interviews. Mr. Blackbell runs to his daughter, and the two share a heartfelt reunion as Henry hands the dorm students homestay passes. The Blackbell family visits their mother after leaving with Martha Marriott. One by one, all of the students reunite with their parents until only Anya and Damian are left.

With only the two of them, Damian recalls a time when Anya calmed his anxiety and held his hand. After becoming aware of this, he thanks Anya for her bravery and expresses regret for how he has been treating her. Anya commends Damian as well, describing his decision to ask for her bomb to be dropped on him a “hero move.” Damian suddenly loses his cool and claims that anyone would have done that because friends always watch out for one another. This revelation astounds Anya, who thinks she has completed the Friendship Scheme. 

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Damian pulls back from referring to Anya as a friend when she tries to suggest visiting Damian’s house, saying that’s what friends do, along with seeing each other’s parents and discussing global peace. Then, as he longingly observes the kids with their parents, Damian remarks that there is no use in attempting to get close to him because he hardly has a relationship with his. When Anya beseechingly pats him on the back, he responds that her parents are also absent. Yor rushes up to the Police Chief just as he offers to drive Anya home. Anya answers Yor’s question on her well-being with an initial affirmation before sobbing in her mother’s embrace.

Yor apologies for not arriving to save Anya sooner and tells her that she is safe. Two members of the strike team are debating the hijacking’s conclusion over to the side. The WISE Agent and Twilight, who hurried back to Berlint as soon as he learned about the crisis, are visible beneath their uniforms. Glad that everything came to a safe conclusion, a worn-out Loid makes the decision to depart. The WISE Agent asks Loid if he will go see Anya, but Loid responds that he must keep his cover and will make Anya her favourite meal when he comes home.

Anya is anticipating getting some hamburger steak later, then Yor sees Damian and tells him that Melinda would be here shortly. Melinda shows up, and Damian is reunited with his mother, who regrets being late. Anya overhears Melinda’s thoughts, which adore Damian and make her think of a particular uncle. Damian begs her not to tell his father that he sobbed after Melinda instructs her son not to act so toughly for her. Melinda’s expression changes as she considers how she shouldn’t have arrived. Anya is surprised by Melinda’s shifting feelings of motherly tenderness and utter contempt towards Damian when she agrees to Damian’s request if he agrees not to tell Donovan she was there.

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