Miramar BGMI: Compounds and buildings in Pecado

BGMI has six maps where players can battle it out, but Miramar is the biggest of them all. It also offers many hot drops

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BGMI has six maps where players can battle it out, but Miramar is the biggest of them all. Just like every other map available in the game, Miramar also offers many hot drops. However, no other vicinity is even close to what Pecado offers.

Pecado is placed at the center of the map, and many players usually like to land in the city. Here, we have listed down compounds and buildings that make Pecado a hot drop.

Red buildings

The two red buildings in Pecado are unique and the only ones present on the entire Miramar map. The buildings are divided into 4 floors each, they are at the center of Pecado. Thanks to their height, players get a panoramic view of the city, which offers added advantages to players.


The auditorium is one of the most popular places across all maps in the game. It is a three-storey building that once held boxing matches. It offers the best loot of Pecado, which helps players in the later parts of the game.

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Five-storey building

BGMI players landing directly on the roof of the five-storey get the most elevated view possible. This allows them to knock down enemies in the city below. Also, the building becomes a deathtrap for enemies rushing into it as they can be killed by players holding it.

L-shaped building

This building can be found on the western edge of Pecado. Players trying to avoid getting into the center of the city, land near this building. This building has enough loot for players to survive the city in hot-drop situations.


Casino is also a place that attracts a lot of players. It is square-shaped and has enough loot for a squad to destroy their opponents. The building is divided into two floors and has several broken machines that players can use as covers.

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