Minecraft mini games: Best PvP minigames in Minecraft

A lot of these PvP minigames have been among the most played by users.

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Minecraft minigames have been a part of the game for a long time, and they have been enjoyed by players. A lot of these PvP minigames have been among the most played by users. There are times when Minecraft worlds get boring, and minigames are a good way to continue playing the game in a different setting. Here we’ve listed the PvP minigames that Minecraft enthusiasts can play and enjoy.

Ultra Hardcore

In this PvP minigame, health doesn’t regenerate naturally without the help of golden apples, potions, and at times from other random items. It all depends on which server the minigame is being played. The main goal in the minigame is to defeat every other participant, which is around 100 players.

It is also one of the longer minigames that can last more than an hour if a player is able to survive. As the players move forward, the borders slowly close in, forcing them into an all-out battle.


It is a minigame where players spawn on an island. These islands are spread across the map and revolve around a large central main island that features the loot. In this minigame, players are tasked to be the last player standing. This is done by killing the competition using loot found inside chests that appear randomly throughout different islands.

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Survival Games

This minigame is often referred to as “Hunger Games,” it has been a part of Minecraft for a very long time, but still one of the most-played minigames. It’s a battle royale minigame, and players are tasked with being the last man standing to win the trophy.


It is one of the most-played minigames and is also very popular on YouTube. Here, players spawn on different islands and their goal is to destroy beds belonging to other teams while protecting their beds. Unlike other minigames on the list, here players can respawn as many times as they would like. This allows for fast-paced gameplay, which is the primary reason behind the popularity of the minigame.


This minigame has been a fan favorite for several years. It allows players to jump straight into the PvP action. On Minecraft KitPvP Servers, diamond swords, diamond armor, and potions are handed out for free. Players can select a kit they like and jump into battle.

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