Minecraft Twilight Forest Mod: Everything you should know

What makes Minecraft still popular after so many years is the modding aspect of the game.

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What makes Minecraft still popular after so many years is the modding aspect of the game, which is backed by a huge modding community. While there are thousands of mods available for players to download, some are more popular than others.

One such mod is Twilight Forest, which is a horror-themed mod that was published in 2015 and has managed to rake in more than 60 million downloads. Here’s everything you should know about it.

How to install the Twilight Forest Mod?

The mod can be downloaded for several versions of Minecraft. More specifically, the mod is available for version 1.17.1 down to version 1.6.2. However, it mods for ancient versions of the game might not be able to offer all the latest features of the mod.

Installing this mod is easy and the process is similar to any Forge mod out there. Players just need to drag and download Twilight Forest mod into their “mods” folder. For people who prefer using Fabric modloader, there is even a fabric release of the mod; however, it is likely to be less stable.

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What does the mod do?

The mod is popular in the game and adds a new dimension to it. It brings new creatures, items, and structures to Minecraft. Players can check out this dimension with their friends while playing on a modded Minecraft server or by themselves if they want to be more cautious.

To access this new mod, players should create a special portal constructed from grass, podzol, mycelium, and dirt. The port itself can be made in different shapes and sizes. After building the portal, players should throw a diamond inside to activate the portal.

Once players activate it, the portal can be jumped inside and players can start their adventure into the mysterious world. Players will find dungeons, several boss fights, and unique loot inside the new dimension offered by the Twilight Forest mod.

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