Minecraft sword enchantments: What are the best enchantments?

There are several weapons and tools for players in Minecraft so knowing the best enhancements could be tricky.

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There are several weapons and tools for players in Minecraft so knowing the best enhancements for each item could be daunting. Swords come with some of the best options for enhancements in the game, with higher-level enhancements granting better results for players. We have a list of the best sword enhancements for you.


Players need to do a lot of work to enchant items, so they should save themselves the hassle of constantly having to create new weapons by applying Mending to their swords. This enchantment will replenish the sword’s durability any time they hit something that brings down experience.


If players put effort into enchanting something, they want to make sure they enchant it with Unbreaking to increase durability. It helps bring down depletion with a chance to not wear it down on every use, relying on the Unbreaking level.


It increases players’ melee damage output and makes their swords more powerful against mobs. The exact damage depends on the level of Sharpness players enchant it to, so they should try to a higher level of Sharpness for better results.

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This enchantment takes up the quantity and quality o mod drops. Opponents will drop more items and the chances of getting rare items to go up when they are hit with a Looting sword. When players hit passive animal mobs like pigs or sheep, Looting yields more food per drop and is useful for farming lots of food rapidly.

Fire Aspect

It is one of the best enchantments in the game as it enables players to set any target of their choice on fire. Mobs take repeated fire damage from this enchantment. Mobs that drop food like sheep and cows will drop fully cooked products and save player’s time of cooking raw food.


It takes up the knockback performance of the sword that receives this enchantment. This comes in handy for mobs such as Zombies or Creepers since players can knock them further away to keep themselves safe from their direct hits.

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