Minecraft Billing FAQ: Where to buy, Minecraft versions, discounts, and more

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Minecraft is among the most-played games across the globe. However, there could be many questions that buyers have before they can try out the game. These questions include the billing process, different versions of the game, supported systems, and if any discounts can be availed. Here, we have compiled a list of most asked questions about Minecraft billing and their answers.

Where to buy Minecraft: Java Edition?

The Minecraft: Java Edition is only available for PCs that run Windows, Linux, and macOS. Consumers can buy it from minecraft.net for $26.95 USD. This transaction only needs to be done once. Buyers can also get an account for themselves, or purchase a code to gift it to someone. However, the gifting option might not be available for all regions.

Where to get Bedrock Versions of Minecraft?

Minecraft (Bedrock), unlike the Java version, is available on mobile platforms as well. The mobile devices should run Android or iOS to run the game. Other devices include Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Windows 10 or above PCs/laptops, and Xbox 360, One, and Series X|S).

Check out the pricing for different Minecraft editions and where they are available. Buyers can select their country and the site will list the payment methods available for them.

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Are there any educational discounts?

If the buyer represents a school, library, museum, or any other organization that aims to use Minecraft for educational purposes, they can head to Minecraft: Education Edition and find out educational discounts.

Do you need to buy Minecraft again?

If the user hasn’t played the game for a while or they’ve switched devices, they won’t be required to buy Minecraft again. They can visit the game’s download page and follow the steps for the version of their preference.

Refund for Minecraft bought from an unauthorized seller

If the game was purchased via a re-seller website, Minecraft won’t have any record of it and won’t be able to verify the buyer’s claim regarding the account or provide any other kind of support. Besides, re-selling a code violates Minecraft’s Terms and Conditions. Only original buyers are eligible for refunds as per the refund policy.

Authorized digital sellers of Minecraft

Buyers should always make the purchase through authorized sellers of Minecraft. These include the Minecraft website, Amazon.com, Google Play Store, iOS App Store, Microsoft Store, NetEase, Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Marketplace.

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