Minecraft Bedrock Brand new patch notes update is 1.19.60 is here with new features

The full list of experimental features included in the 1.19.60 version of Minecraft

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There has been a brand new update for Minecraft Bedrock Edition that focuses on bug repairs and quality-of-life improvements. A few experimental features from the new version are also available for you to test out right away; these features could eventually become part of the game permanently. The 1.19.60 update to Minecraft has a tonne of improvements, which are listed below. Minecraft Bedrock Brand new patch notes update is 1.19.60 is here with new features

Here are some Experimental Features in brand new Minecraft Bedrock Edition patch notes 1.19.60

The full list of experimental features included in the 1.19.60 version of Minecraft is as follows:

Mob Heads on Note Blocks

Whenever a player or Redstone-powered device plays a note on a note block after placing a mob head on it, one of that mob’s ambient noises will now be played!

Piglin Mob Head

• When a Creeper is charging towards them, Piglins will now drop their heads.

• An ambient sound made by the Piglin will be played if the Piglin Head is placed on a note block.

• As soon as a player puts on the Piglin Head, it will start to flap its ears when powered by Redstone!


• Block of Bamboo has been added, and it can be made out of 9 Bamboo.

• Stripped Block of Bamboo has been added, and you can get it by using an axe on a Block of Bamboo.

• It is possible to create 2 Bamboo Planks from both Block of Bamboo and Stripped Block of Bamboo.

These are some Gameplay Modifications for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.19.60

The modifications made to blocks and creatures in the most recent update are listed here


• Ender Dragon, Iron Golem, Snow Golem, and Wither mobs now have new Spawn Egg items that may be acquired through commands.

• To distinguish it from the Ghast Spawn Egg, the colours of the Polar Bear Spawn Egg have altered.

• Now, Vex hitboxes are vertically centred with their models.

• Now, Vex and Allay are seated appropriately in boats and minecarts.

• Between Java to Bedrock, the Vex texture difference has been fixed.

• No longer do Slimes and Magma Cubes spawn in areas that are two blocks in height or less.

• When they are spawned outside of water, Glow Squid now release particles.

• Now, when a tamed Horse, Donkey, or Mule uses a Saddle, it is equipped.

• A tamed horse that is unarmored will now be outfitted if you use horse armour on it.

• A domesticated Llama now receives an equipment upgrade when a Carpet is used on it.

• Dispensers can now give saddles and armour for horses to tame horses.

• Now that tamed Mules and Donkeys can be equipped with saddles and chests by dispensers

• Now, dispensaries can give domesticated llamas carpets and chests.

• Dispensers can now give pigs and striders saddles.

• One sheep can only be sheared at a time using shears in dispensers.

• Snow Golems and Mooshrooms can now be shared by Shears in a Dispenser.

• There is no longer a potential for the Wandering Trader to offer duplicate Seed deals.

• Instead of spawning at light levels 11 and lower, Endermen, Skeletons, and Wither Skeletons now only appear in the Nether at light levels 7 and below.

• Updated the saddle and chest textures on the Donkey/Mule and Skeleton/Zombie Horse, respectively.

• To celebrate a raid triumph, villagers will now wait until the rain has passed over the block above them before lighting off fireworks.

• When emptied, axelotls no longer sound the dry-out timer.

• Husks can now fit in a place that is two blocks high, and baby Husks can fit in an area that is one block high.

• Now all mobs can pass through Wither Roses.

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• A distinct set of sounds are now available for the Crimson and Warped block sets.

• While no longer catching fire, campfires still deal harm to players and monsters.

• Boats and minecarts are no longer destroyed by campfires.

• It no longer grows when you click on the side of a bamboo plant while holding a bamboo item; instead, bamboo plant placement now functions like Java Edition.

• The replacement of two plants with a bamboo sapling has been discontinued.

• On blocks made of moss and mycelium, pumpkins and melons can now grow.

• Now at a greater distance of 32 blocks, the screeching sound of the Sculk Shrieker block can be heard.

• If mined using Silk Touch or plucked, Respawn Anchor no longer holds onto its charges.

• Particles used for the beacon effect are now transparent.

• Particles used for the conduit effect are now translucent.

• Now, when Redstone Dust is placed on the ground, it makes noise.

• The opening and closing noises for Fence Gates, Wooden Doors, Iron Doors, Wooden Trapdoors, and Iron Trapdoors are now the same as those for Java Edition.

• Pressure Plates have been updated to match Java Edition with various sound frequencies based on how they behave.

• Added a special click sound for Wooden Buttons to match Java Edition

• Frogspawn’s map’s colour has been altered to match Java Edition’s

• The Java Edition’s colours should be used for the Bed block map.

• Map colours have been altered for a number of blocks so that they now correspond to Java Edition.

Additionally, there are over a hundred updates that enhance the game’s performance and stability as well as fix numerous issues. You can view the changelog for the 1.19.60 version of Minecraft here to get a list of all the bugs that have been fixed.

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