Minecraft Bedrock Beta version patch notes include Spectator mode, Warden changes, and more 

The most important information coming out of this update is that the Beta version will be ending.

Minecraft version 1.19 is quite close to the release of the much anticipated update. Every week, snapshots are released for Bedrock Edition and Preview and Java Edition from Mojang because according to Mojang this update is going to be huge. This week’s version name is ver As the 1.19 update comes to a close, Mojang introduces some new features, and they focus more on improving the features that have already been introduced. Instead, they work on completing the warden. Minecraft Bedrock Beta version patch notes: Spectator mode, Warden changes, and more.

This week’s update focused on Warden and added a slew of features to Spectator Mode, though it won’t be coming in the next major update. Here’s what players need to know about this beta.

Minecraft Beta patch notes version

The most important information coming out of this update is that the Beta version will be ending. Instead, Bedrock Edition users will need to get involved with the Preview:

“The Minecraft Beta on Windows will be retiring soon! To continue testing out new pre-release features, you will need to install the Minecraft Preview version.”

Aside from that, here are a few changes Mojang made to Spectator Mode, which is still an experimental feature:

• Spectators are unable to attack.
• Spectators are unable to build.
• They are now unable to drop items.
• Spectators can no longer use items.
• They are now completely unable to open inventory.
• They also cannot interact with the world through input.
•Spectators are unable to interact with chests or other blocks like that.
• Spectators will no longer fly slowly when entering Spectator Mode from the ground.

Ancient Cities also received a few fixes:

  • Ancient Cities are no longer flooded with water/lava as frequently as they used to be.
  • Darkness effect properly fades in now.
  • Sculk Shriekers can get waterlogged.
  • The changes to the Warden were arguably the most significant. Here’s what’s new:
  • Warden now emits darkness every six seconds.
  • Warden doesn’t target or get angry at XP orbs.
  • Warden no longer attacks things like tridents.
  • Warden can now detect vibrations from a shrieking Sculk Shrieker.
  • Warden now prefers investigating the closest mobs after sniffing.

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Mangrove Swamp biomes also received a few fixes, including that stripped mangrove logs can be crafted into planks. Mangrove roots are also flammable now. Frogs have been updated to have the same XP as goats or cows. Minecraft tadpoles have been given an official grown-up sound. The Allay on a lead will keep moving when attempting to reach an item that is too far away.Please visit the Mojang website for the complete list of patch notes or information on how to get the Preview.

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